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Raised Access Floor Height - Standard Heights For Installing Technical Floor In Different Applications

2020/9/22 18:15:08

What is the standard height for installing raised floors (access floors) in different environments? HUIYA raised floor experts bring you detailed answers. 

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A modern and technologically advanced office, data center, server room, clean room, and other industrial workplaces will require the use of raised floors (technical floors) that will offer versatility, accessibility, and profitability in its maintenance. As you know, raised floor consist of a load-bearing metal structure made up of columns, cross raised floor stringers, and sealing elements, with which provides the space of 6-8 cm height or more under the tread to house the voice, data, power, and air conditioning services that are defined and others that are not defined that may be implemented in the future without major disruptions or costs.

Raised Floor Height - The Standard Height For Installing Raised Floors

The height of your raised floor will be determined in part by your need for space below it, combined with the ceiling height. There is no standard height for installing raised floors. Variations occur according to the needs of each work. Some projects, especially those of retrofit that have very low ceilings, do not allow high heights. For these cases, systems with a finished height from 6 cm are used. In conventional offices, the measure normally used varies between 15 to 25 cm, which allows the use of cable trays under the floor. In general, the solutions vary from 6 cm to 2 m in finished height. All the heights are achieved by using the different types of raised floor pedestals.

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What must be taken into consideration to define the raised access floor height?

The false floor height is determined by the use that will be given to space under the floor and by the number of elements that will be driven under it. So the below factors would affect the raised floor height to install:

  • 1. The place where the raised floor is used-office, outdoor or IT, and industrial production places.

  • 2. The purpose of the raised floor - Just to simply create a certain space between the raised floor tiles and the subfloor, the wire management still needs air conditioning, or it needs to provide a full range of space for electricity, air conditioning, communication, etc.

  • 3. Raised floor laying area-used for underfloor air distribution, the height of the raised floor also has different standards due to the size of the installation area. You can find a more detailed description of our data center raised floor height requirements.

  • 4. The ceiling height of the raised floor installation environment - You also need to consider the height of the advanced floor reasonably according to the height of the indoor space

What Is The Minimum Raised Floor Height For Different Functions?

  • For the create a simple space underfloor, the minimum height available is 6 cm which leaves a free space of 3 cm of the full chamber

  • For the distribution of electrical services in free office floors, a minimum of 15 cm is recommended. 

  • For air distribution, the access floor height should be increased to at least 25-30 cm to use it as a full chamber.

What Is The Required Raised Floor Height For Different Types of Access Floor?

  • Standard Access Floor Height - Standard heights are usually 30cm or more. It could reach 2m according to the actual demand. Used in Data Centers, Server Room, Computer Room, Clean Room, and other areas require underfloor cable management as well as airflow.

  • Low Profile Raised Floor Height - Standard heights are usually 15cm-30cm. Used in offices, banks, casinos, retail stores, libraries, and other commercial workshops with the purpose of organizing cables, wires, and conduit.

Through the above content, you may have a certain understanding of the access floor height. If you still have questions about the raised floor installation height in your environment or are looking for the most suitable raised floor system for your project, please do not hesitate to contact us, HUIYA floor experts and engineers will answer any questions for you!