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Concrete (GRC) Raised Floor Panels Features & Applications: Best Place To Install Concrete Access Floor Tiles

2020/9/30 18:20:38

The structure of raised floors has modular plates made of concrete that are the floor where people walk. Therefore, these panels are resistant and add style when harmonizing with where they are. Where to install concrete raised access floor panels?

Huiya Concrete Raised Floor - GRC Access Floor Panels.png

Where To Install The Concrete Raised Access Floor Panels?

The installation of concrete raised flooring is easy and can be done indoors and outdoors. Best places to install concrete panels flooring: 

  • For outdoor areas, the use of concrete raised floors is huge. The cement panels can be installed in common areas of buildings, in leisure areas, balconies, roofs, among many other places, housing wiring and hydraulic parts.

  • For indoor areas, the concrete raised floor stands out for having an excellent cost-benefit ratio, in addition to accepting various coatings such as carpet, vinyl floors, melamine laminates, and others. Many offices and technology centers have raised floors to accommodate cabling in the structure's space. 

Features of Concrete Raised Floor Panels

Concrete tiles for raised floors definitely won the market's taste. The panels are used in several types of projects, whether for commercial or residential construction.

  • The fact that they are precast concrete panels allows for quick installation, which saves time and therefore money. The boards are suitable for any space and receive the necessary finishing for the best application in the project.

  • In addition to offering a wide range of textures and colors, they are non-slip, easy to clean, wear-resistant, and meet all safety requirements with excellence.

Is It Worth Installing Concrete Raised Floor?

There is a consensus that an environment designed using concrete slabs as a coating has numerous advantages. As it is a very durable product, the cost-benefit is higher. In addition, precast concrete slabs allow - because they are fitted and not grouted - the maintenance of pipes and cables between the installation base and the finished concrete floor. That is, there is no need to break the floor to fix a pipe.

In outdoor areas, the raised floor also allows water to seep through the joints, eliminating the use of apparent drains in the floor. It is even possible that the installation captures rainwater for use in some activities, such as cleaning common areas, irrigating gardens, etc.

Did you see how working with concrete slabs for raised floors is really advantageous? In addition to offering practical installation, the location with raised floor makes the environment more harmonious. To learn more about raised floors and concrete floor tiles, count on Huiya!

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