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Best Access Raised Floor Companies That Should Be On Your List

2021/3/8 13:00:14

Access Floor Store believes in only giving the best to its customers. This also means providing them with a list of the best access floor companies present across the globe because, why not? Our customer-centric approach focuses on what is best for the client and whether all their requirements are met.

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Be it an office, a house, data center, a restaurant, or an exhibition hall, access raised flooring always provides its usefulness. Following its aesthetic appeal and ease of walking, wiring and cabling management makes common use of these double floors.

Access-raised floor panels and their coverings are available in unique and different designs. Some companies outsource to deliver to you while some companies are pioneers of it all. Whichever the case, variety is present in abundance. Be that as it may, let not the comprehensive list of companies confuse you. We’ve come up with a list of the six best raised floor companies. In this list below, you will find companies that have their production line, and create new products based on customer feedback.


Why this list matters

Ever heard of being ignorant or blinded by just one track? That is what happens when you look at just one company. Availing the services of just one access floor firm will do you no good. You have to check the services provided by other companies to understand whether their products match your requirements.

It’s like getting a second opinion or for that matter – a third! Now, whichever part of the world you may be, we’ve provided a list of six companies each from different countries. Do their offerings fall within your budget? Do they provide you services even if they are located in a different region? All these questions can be answered once you visit their websites to know more about them.

Best Access Raised Floor Companies That Should Be on Your List

Net Floor USA

Net Floor USA is based in Charlotte, NC. It is an access floor systems company that manages power wires and data cables. They serve in creating low-profile access floors integrated with cable management from 1.5 to 6 inches high. Access panels are custom-made based on your requirements and the venue space available. Their premium finishes include terrazzo, marble, tile, wood, bamboo, coconut, and carpet.

ASP Access Floors

This is an Australian company that delivers access flooring solutions to its customers. This is a leading global company. They specialize in the manufacture, distribution, and installation of access flooring solutions worldwide. This is a two-decade-old company that has developed and patented several unique access floor designs. ASP Access Floors has an iconic range of products crafted through innovative research and development.

Naka Corporation

Established in 1932, the Japan-based Naka Corporation delivers a range of products. Among the many categories of products, this corporation serves in raised floor systems too. The applications include office spaces, seismic systems, data centers, and more. This corporation is renowned among several industries for its transparency and authenticity in maintaining a professional form of delivering services.


Located in Germany, Octanorm was founded in 1969 with the vision to develop an intelligent exhibition system. This system was purposed with the implementation of exhibition construction systems, interior design, presentation systems, and cleanroom systems. Of course, one of their premium quality services includes double floors as they call it, for all indoor and outdoor purposes. Through the years, this company has maintained its independence, and therefore, has innovated special Octaclassic, Octaelevate, and Octaeco Floors.


Topfloor is a European leading group in Italy founded in 1986. Topfloor exclusively offers all the typologies of raised access floors. This includes wood chipboard or calcium sulfate introduced in the classical version with the bordering side and the new generation of steel encapsulated. They have their production area where all products for raised access floor panels are manufactured in Italy.


Located in Barcelona Spain, Ibermodul specializes in designing innovative access floor solutions for over 35 years. They manufacture and install modular office systems. Their integrated solutions include office furniture, turnkey offices, plasterboard, false ceilings, and movable partitions ESPERO.


We hope this comprehensive list provides you with the necessary information to avail services of the company that best suits your requirements.

At Access Floor Store, we offer every customer a choice of companies to select from at either local stores or through international business. We provide a wide range of company profiles to all our customers. Huiya is a leading access floor company in China that offers multiple floor panel products and coverings.

Our mission is to be available to as many clients as possible. We seek distribution partners to extend our services to countries around the world, such as America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.