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Raised Floor Companies

2021/3/8 14:22:38

There are at times debates which do not give any clear answer, like which is better Coke or Pepsi, concrete or wooden floor or raised floor or slab floor? Mainly in the data center world and other business buildings, the topic of hiring a raised floor company versus a slab flooring company has created quite a debate. 

About a couple of decades ago, this debate was barely there as most data center companies used raised floors for their buildings. It is only in the last ten years that this discussion has reached a heated point. As a result, a slew of studies have been done; white papers have been published to support each side of the debate. 

So, when the question still arises whether to hire raised floor companies while constructing an office building, mainly a data center office, the answer is to hire the one that aligns with the business operation and objectives. However, saying that certain advantages raised floor or often termed as access floor in America, offers. 

Office Raised Floor.jpg

What Is A Raised Floor in America?

Irrespective of whether a raised floor in America is used or elsewhere globally, the basic concept is that it is an elevated structural flooring system, also known as the raised-access floor(ing) or raised access computer floor. The elevated structure is often placed above a concrete slab or solid substrate. This creates a hidden space between the two that allows the placing of electrical and mechanical services. 

Raised floor companies in America are specially hired for creating this specialized flooring system in office buildings like command centers, data centers, information technology-based offices, and computer rooms. The raised floor(ing) in America and worldwide allows this structure to route the wires, cables, electrical and mechanical supplies, and services through the void. 

Typically, a raised floor in America can be installed between 2 inches (51mm) and 4 feet (1.2m). The height is determined by the services it needs to accommodate between the space. Often lighting and other structural support are given in-between the raised floor and the concrete base when the floor is raised enough so a person can crawl or walk there to readjust any requirements.  

With the raised floor in America, air distribution is becoming a common feature to cool the building. Space is used as the plenum chamber for distributing the conditioned air. Perforated tiles are used for the raised floor and placed beneath the computers to allow direct air conditioning, while the equipment is designed so that they can draw the cooling air from below. 

Why Use Raised floor Australia

It is essential to have a supportive building structure that can handle all the office, commercial, or even a home requirement, and raised floor in Australia just does that. Generally, any building that requires a range of services and applications can opt for installing a raised floor, which can be quite beneficial. 

It will help conceal the services around the data equipment, electrical power, telecom wires, air conditioning, and other environmental control cables and equipment. It also offers enhanced air supply and ventilation for this equipment. 

But it is vital to be mindful when you plan to add raised floor in Australia to an existing building. All the existing plug, socket, skirting, doors, window frames all need to be adapted to the new level. Furthermore, loading requirements must be considered, too, i.e., the areas with static traffic and the ones that will be dynamic. 

Since raised floors are the way to go now, it will be beneficial to know its advantages it will offer to any building. 

Advantages of Installing Raised Floor in Japan

While cooling is an essential factor and an advantage of having a raised floor in Japan, it also offers other advantages, for which many buildings are installing the access floors:

Space management: Japan being a vertical city requires efficient space management and needs enough space for power and communication cable throughout a building. Installing raised floors in Japan allows these cables and wires to be kept within the void, making the floor space clean while ensuring all the requirements are met. 

Cost-effective: Raised flooring in Japan and worldwide offers better cost-saving with OpEx and CapEx in the long run. While it is true that having a raised floor does cost more during the construction, it is an investment that reduces the operational cost, hence a preferred architectural method in Japan and around the world. 

Cable and Server Management: With the kind of environment it is built-in, which can support particular racks for the mounted server, the cables' management is better when there are higher heat densities. It also allows the IT staff to control and maintain the server easily. 

Scalability: Since this is a modular design in which the floor tiles are arranged individually, it benefits the building's scalability, whether it is for business, commercial or domestic purposes. As time progresses, the option is there to add more servers, cables, wires, and cooling systems as required, without you having to build a new system without obstructing the cables. 

Cooling: The perforated tiles of the raised flooring enhance the cooling of the servers and the cables. They are more capable of handling higher eat density that often happens from overheating of the servers. The hot/cold aisle containment offered with raised flooring boosts the cooling while bringing the operational cost down. 

But it is essential to buy the right raised floor for your building. 

Things To Consider Before Installing A Raised Floor in Germany

When you plan to install the raised floor in Germany or around the world for your data center, clean room, server room, or even a luxurious hotel or home, there are few things that you should keep in mind. Despite the fact that raised floors in Germany are suitable for a wide range of environments it can hold complex telecommunication and electrical infrastructure and needs to safeguard them. Hence creating these modular plates and fixing them is important that can create the empty space for the electrical conductors, pipes, data cables, and air conditioning installations to pass through. 

It is vital that before installing the raised floor, the correct procedure is followed to ensure the benefits of the materials. This starts with the preparation of the executive plan of the project. The planning stage needs in-depth information on the pagination of the

  • Raised floor panels

  • Pedestals

  • Level measurements

  • Cuts and details

  • Height

  • Covering

  • Load rating

  • Foot traffic

The process also includes the preparation of the extensive requirement of tools needed to install the raised floor in Germany and elsewhere. Some of them are:

  • Suction cups

  • Rubber hammer

  • Plastic spatula

  • Laser level

  • Measuring tape

  • Stylus 

  • Marble, arc, and cup saw

  • Professional drill

  • Powder level hitting line

  • Screwdriver

Along with the safety protection and the protective equipment that the worker must take is mandatory. 

Steps For Installing Raised Floor Italy

Typically the installation of a raised floor in Italy is done following six main steps. These steps are followed almost elsewhere worldwide, too, when a raised floor company installs the access flooring system. These six primary steps are:

  • 1. The raised floor in Italy installation stats with marking the level points, which is linearly measured every 5 meters. The row is set parallel to the initial point, and for every plate's new sequence, a nylon line is used to maintain the leveling and templating. 

  • 2. The pedestal needs to be laid at the correct points for installing the raised floor so that the stringer can be screwed into the pedestals. 

  • 3. For connecting additional pedestals, you need to drill extra screw holes onto the stringer, providing extra support and adding stability to the raised floors, and adapting to the edges. 

  • 4. After installing the raised floor in Italy is complete; you must use laser leveling and level scale to ensure that the floor height of the access floor is the same all through. 

  • 5. Onto the stinger frames, lay the panels of the raised floor, and then cut the panels to the correct size that will suit the edges 

  • 6. Additional steps can be required while installing the raised floor when you have to adapt them for doors, steps, and windows. 

Factors You Need To Remember For Installing Raised Floor In Spain 

When you are planning to install the raised floor in Spain for your building, you should keep five factors in mind relating to its installation in

  • 1. Remember the load the raised floor need to take daily

  • 2. Installing the appropriate floor panel that is strong, stable and sturdy, while allowing ample ventilation

  • 3. You need to avoid static electricity hence confirm that the floor is static dissipative 

  • 4. Install panels of the raised floors that have a good rating 

  • 5. Ensure that the access floor fittings are tight to reduce air leakage, which will warrant proper cooling of the equipment within the void. 

How To Buy Huiya Raised Floor

One of the best-raised floors for your building, irrespective of whether it is a commercial one or a private one, you can opt for Huiya. A global company that has been in the business and integrated with R&D that offers the entire raised floor solution and services like manufacturing and sales. 

As a designer or architect, you can procure the Huiya raised floor for the next project following either of the two options:

  • 1. International Sale: You can buy directly from the factory where you need to purchase more than 500 square meters per container

  • 2. Buy from our local store: Contact Huyia, and the customer service will direct you to the local store that sells Huiya product for the raised floor 

With properly raised floors in the building, one can ensure that the facility remains effective and efficient for the years to come.