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Rethinking the IT Center - How To Increase Safety, Efficiency and Productivity?

2021/7/20 19:36:59

There's a lot more to an IT office than having an elegant seat and advanced technology. In layman's language, office layout and design can impact the way your team works together and ultimately reflect on the quality of their output.

Getting things done the right way in your data center or call center room can help you increase your employees' productivity. Right raised flooring does make a tremendous difference in ensuring that the office environment remains comfortable and organized. Rethinking the IT center with raised floor? How is it possible? It might sound crazy but it can greatly benefit business performance. For a detailed explanation, we have put together the do and don'ts of the IT center.

The problem with Traditional IT Rooms or Call Centers

Initially, almost all IT room layouts seem like a successful idea. The design pattern worked flawlessly for generations, so should you change it now? The traditional IT room layout might not work perfectly in the modern era for several reasons. Some are listed below: 

  • Huge technological requirements such as servers, computers, and wires lined up inside the room can result in a heating atmosphere.

  • A wall covered with wires and mechanical equipment can cause accidents and 

  • The huge size of the IT equipment can leave the room feeling crowded, particularly in a limited space. This can decrease the movability and comfort of your team, evidently leading to below-than-average productivity.

What It’s Like Working in Office with Raised Floor?

Since ‘organized office’ is becoming more recognized, businesses across various industries and sectors are now taking steps to ensure maximum efficiency from available space. For IT offices, including (data center or call center), raised floor system brings enormous advantage to both business owners and employees. 

Employees stuck in an office that is either too hot, too cold, too messy, or too uncomfortable dramatically yield poor efficiency. At the same time, most people would think of HVAC. But most of us aren’t aware of the fact that raised flooring work as the backbone to a company’s growth. 

  • The office looks organized and sorted. One can use the underneath space to organize wires and mechanical chores in any direction without compromising on the aesthetic appearance. 

  • Hassle free to change, upgrade and fix. Investing on the raised floor is more like investing in modernism. It becomes so much easier to make the necessary change, upgrade, or embarking on important fixations. 

  • Saves you from unexpected renovation costs. Raised floors can easily accommodate technology and changes in design. An office with a raised floor system is more than just space. It can put up with all the foot traffic and stand the test of time. 

Today’s business world is all about who got the best-of-the-best technology onboarded. As technology evolves, space requires additional touch-ups, and sometimes, the entire infrastructure takes a giant leap. 

Now re-organizing the same space can be too costly. On the other hand, Raised floor systems efficiently meet ever-changing needs, sustainability, adaptability, where versatile raised floor design plays a major role in adhering to the latest technology. Consequently, companies can be more innovative, and there are numerous choices to look forward to

Where Can I Get Raised Flooring System under my budget?

The raised access flooring system is a one-time investment. Thus, it would be best to associate with someone who is certified, reliable, experienced, and capable of conducting the flawless installation. 

If you're thinking about outsourcing raised floor requirements or even full assemblies, you can completely rely on HUIYA for a suitable contract manufacturing partner. HUIYA's expertise in the raised floor system fits perfectly for small & large-scale enterprises. Amid years of experience, industry expertise, and international presence, HUIYA production facilities are spread worldwide. We even cover complex areas such as data center, call center, pharmacy, laboratory, medical facilities, clinic, and industrial space. 

Benefits of HUIYA Certified Suppliers:

  • Design & development – HUIYA’s engineers strictly follow international manufacturing qualities and obey critical aspects of ISO requirements. The key aspects in the production process include project planning, design inputs, client’s design reviews, quality & durability testing, and finalizing the production. By following important instructions, HUIYA can provide bespoke design and development that exceed the client’s expectations. 

  • Quality-oriented – HUIYA adheres to stringent Critical To Quality (CTQ) practices to make sure systems are manufactured & assembles the first time correctly. The task includes sample piece checks, In-Process checks, and performance inspections, which ultimately ensures that our clients do not feel the pain of a flawed raised floor system. 

  • Innovation and improvement: HUIYA’s engineers and designers promote a culture of improvement and innovation in the design processes. This covers changes/modifications in raised floor specifications, tile selection of tiles, and underneath space. 

This is just a glimpse of our services. To gain full insights into HUIYA’s raised floor system, please contact us today.