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What exactly is luxury vinyl flooring? Why it is more and more popular?

2021/11/16 21:53:53

What exactly is luxury vinyl flooring? Why it is more and more popular?


For many different reasons, wood flooring may be the most popular type of flooring among homeowners today. Although it can be very expensive, hardwood floors can add a certain degree of comfort and warmth to almost any room. Some disadvantages of hardwood floors include easy damage, including stains, scratches, etc. Generally speaking, regular maintenance and cleaning can be painful.


Luxury Vinyl flooring is a new type of flooring, it has many advantages of hardwood flooring, but the price is significantly lower. Compared with hardwood flooring, Luxury vinyl wood flooring also has some other key advantages, which makes it an attractive choice for those who want the look of classic wood flooring without the hassle and high price tags.

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So: what exactly is luxury vinyl flooring?


Luxury vinyl flooring is a synthetic material composed of several different layers. It is made of wood-just like hardwood-but it is mainly made of PVC resin (a type of plastic).


The most basic vinyl board floor is divided into three layers. From the bottom, they are:


The core or foundation layer that provides the foundation and the feeling of the soles of the feet. It can be rigid or flexible, depending on the product.

A pattern or design layer that gives the look and feel of a vinyl plank. This layer can imitate natural wood, tiles, stone or almost anything else.

A wear-resistant layer or surface layer that protects vinyl boards from any type of damage, including UV fading. This layer is totally transparent.

Many of the best vinyl flooring products have one or even two additional layers to help go from sound insulation to feeling on the soles of the feet.



Luxury Vinyl floor offers a range of shades similar to cherry wood, oak, mahogany, maple or any other wood you like. In fact, it does such a good job of imitating these natural woods that you usually can't see the difference between vinyl and wood flooring.


The biggest advantage of Luxury vinyl flooring may be its price, which is very cost-effective compared to wood flooring. Another great advantage of these floors is that they are very durable and waterproof. Its ability to effectively repel water allows you to use it in the kitchen or bathroom at home. It also resists the cracking and scratching common to natural hardwood floors.

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The only disadvantage of luxury vinyl floorings is the thickness is not as hard and thick as hardwood floor. And it is more resilient than wood, you usually need to install an additional subfloor before installation. You must also be careful when cleaning vinyl floors. Certain types of solvents and cleaners can actually damage these floors, so you need to find a cleaner specifically designed to clean vinyl floors without damaging them.


The floor is one of the most eye-catching and important aspects of any home. Therefore, choosing the new environmental protection materials is a very important decision to save earth resources and protect the disappearing forest resources, and it’s your choice to make the right decision. you need to understand its advantages and disadvantages in order to make the right purchase choice.