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Carpet Tile Cleaning & Maintenance Methods: How To Removes Stains from Carpet Tiles?

2022/4/16 19:45:28

One of the attractions of tile carpets is that there are some things that can be washed by hand at home without using a cleaning shop. In the case of general carpets and rugs, there are many washed-off NG ones, but if it is a washable tile carpet, dirt that has been attached with detergent and water in the home can be washed off. This time, we will explain how to wash the carpet tiles and remove different types of stains from them, and also introduce the usual cleaning and maintenance methods. Please refer to it by all means and keep using the carpet tile in a clean state for a long time.

Carpet Tile Cleaning and Maintenance Methods.png

Goods that Are Useful When Cleaning Carpet Tiles

First of all, we would like to introduce three useful tools when cleaning tile carpets:

◇ Neutral detergent

If you want to remove stains that cannot be removed by washing with water or wiping with a dry cloth, use a neutral detergent to remove the stains well. It is less irritating than acidic or alkaline detergents and does not damage the material, so it can be used safely on tile carpets.

◇ Rubber gloves

Neutral detergent is relatively gentle on the skin, but it is safe to have rubber gloves to prevent rough hands.

◇ Sponge

It is effective to use a sponge when you want to quickly remove dirt. However, when using it, the carpet will last longer if you gently wash the dirty parts without rubbing too much. Let's use cleaning goods according to the location and degree of dirt.

How to Remove Light Stains from Carpet Tile?

How to wash tile carpets when they are lightly soiled Tile carpets can be washed differently depending on the degree of dirt.

First, follow the steps below to wash a carpet that is lightly soiled. Most ordinary carpets cannot be washed with water, but some tile carpets can be washed with water (check the tile carpet instructions and tags just in case).

1. Remove only dirty tile carpets and carry them to the bathroom

2. take a shower and remove dirt

3. If it does not fall off, rub with a sponge using a neutral detergent.

 (If you rub too hard, the tile carpet will hurt, so try to hit it and remove dirt.)

4. If you use detergent, rinse thoroughly and be careful that there is no detergent left.

5. drain and trim the hair in advance so as to dry quickly

 (The backside is fine even if it gets wet, but if moisture remains, the anti-slip effect may fade.)

6. dry in the shade in an airy place

 (Dry the shape straight so that it does not deform.) It is convenient because it becomes easy to dry when I use a standing rack))

Clean with the above flow. If the degree of dirt is light, it is easy to remove it cleanly, so if you are a little worried about it, you can often continue to use it cleanly for a long time if you are conscious of washing it early.

How To Remove (Clean) Stubborn Stains from Carpet Tiles?

If it is very dirty and cannot be removed by showering or rubbing it with a sponge with a mild detergent, wash it differently. The basic procedure is the same, but you can remove the dirt by soaking it in hot water.

1. Remove the dirty tile carpet and shower or rub with a sponge in the bathroom

 (Steps 1 to 3 for removing light dirt)

2. Store hot water (about lukewarm water) in a bathtub or tub, mix neutral detergent and soak the tile carpet.

 (It may be about 1 hour, depending on the low degree of dirt)

3. Rub with a sponge when the dirt floats.

4. Rinse thoroughly and dry so that detergent does not remain, as in the case of light dirt.

For stubborn stains, try to see if you can remove them cleanly with the above flow. It is important to wash carefully because if you put force and rub strongly just because it is hard to remove dirt, or if you apply a large amount of detergent from the beginning, it will cause damage to the tile carpet.

How To Clean Carpet Tile Daily?

If the tile carpet is conspicuously dirty, remove it as described above and wash it thoroughly, but daily cleaning is also important. Here, we will explain about daily cleaning.

◇ You can use a vacuum cleaner for everyday cleaning

Daily cleaning of tile carpets is OK with vacuuming. When vacuuming the floor, vacuum the tile carpet together. When you are concerned about fine dirt such as hair and dust, the use of a sticky carpet cleaner is also effective.

In addition, you can keep the tile carpet clean by wiping the tile carpet with water with a tightly squeezed rag about once a month.

If you are worried about the smell of life, use baking soda

If you are concerned about the odor of life such as sweat, use baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda over the entire carpet (especially when there are areas of concern) and vacuum after a few hours.

◇ When you spill a drink (juice, coffee, etc.) or seasoning (soy sauce, sauce, etc.)

When you spill a drink or seasoning, it is important to clean it quickly before it becomes a stain. Follow these steps to remove the stain.

1. Wipe off dirt with tissue paper or dry cloth

2. soak the kitchen detergent into a dry rag and wipe off the tile carpet

3. Wipe off the detergent cleanly with another dry rag after wiping with a tissue soaked with a little water

◇ When it gets dirty with oil (butter, mayonnaise, eggs, etc.)

If oily stains are attached, follow these steps to deal with them.

1. Wipe off dirt with tissue paper or dry cloth

2. use a dry cloth soaked with benzine and wipe off dirt by beating

3. use a dry cloth soaked with a mild detergent and wipe off dirt by beating

4. Wipe off the detergent cleanly with another dry rag after wiping with a tissue soaked with a little water


In this article, we introduced how to wash tile carpets according to the degree of dirt. It also introduces daily cleaning and what to do if you spill juice, coffee, or oil.

Washing in an appropriate way can help keep the tile carpet clean and prevent tile carpets from losing shape and hair pain. We would appreciate it if you could refer to the procedure introduced.

In addition, if the dirt does not come off, by all means, it is also a hand to replace only the necessary parts. Even when replacing, it is possible to replace only places where dirt and deterioration stand out, and economically, it is also a big attraction of tile carpets.