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Commercial & Residential Carpet Tile Features, Types, Advantages, Application

2022/4/20 14:36:17

Because the replacement cycle of carpets is long, it is important to emphasize not only the fashionable appearance but also the price and functionality. Here, we will introduce the features and benefits of carpet tiles and recommended usage scenes for business use and home use. Choose practical carpet tiles from a variety of perspectives to enhance the interior and comfort of your space.

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What is a Carpet Tile?

Carpet tile is a panel-type flooring that looks like a single modular carpet by spreading it like a tile. Shapes vary from squares, rectangles, hexagons, etc., and are rich in size and function.

In recent years, in addition to corporations such as offices and hospitals, it has become widely selected by general households.

In the carpet selection:

・ I can't find the desired function or size

・ The shape of the room or office is distorted and carpets cannot be laid

・ I want to lay it all over the floor, but I don't want to wash carpets because they are heavy

There are many cases where you have troubles, but the carpet tile can be adjusted and cut according to the place you want to lay, and it is a big feature that you can divide one by one. Let's take a look at the types and specific features of carpet tiles.

Types and Features of Carpet Tiles

By choosing the type of tile carpet that suits your application, you can create a comfortable space. Know the different characteristics for business use and home use, and use them to choose carpets.

Features of Commercial Carpet Tiles (for Business Use)

* Designs and materials are examples. The width of the design, the materials used, and the mixing ratio of the materials (100% polypropylene, etc.) vary depending on the product.

Features of Residential Carpet Tiles (for Home Use)

* Designs and materials are examples. The width of the design, the materials used, and the mixing ratio of the materials (100% polypropylene, etc.) vary depending on the product.

Differences Between Commercial & Residential Carpet Tiles

Commercial and residential tile carpets differ greatly in design, function, and durability due to the different environments in which they are used.

For business use, there are many things that are mainly simple and hard to get dirty, and there are many things with antistatic and flameproof, and durability is basic from middle to heavy walking. In addition, since it is premised on stepping on the feet, there are many products with a firm and calm color. The price is 250 yen to 800 yen per sheet. It is important to choose a durable product that suits the usage environment, because the higher the design and the higher the durability (heavy walking), the higher the price.

On the other hand, household carpet tile products are not as durable as commercial products, and many of them are specialized in softness and design. The price varies depending on the size, functionality, and material, but for general sizes (40 cm x 40 cm, 50 cm x 50 cm), the market price is 300 to 1,000 yen per sheet. Products in this price range are characterized by their functionality such as flameproofing, tick proofing, antifouling, deodorant, and self-adsorption. In addition, when specific designs (characters, polygons, etc.) and soundproofing performance are added.

Benefits of Carpet Tiles 

There are two main advantages of carpet tile. However, the specific benefits vary depending on the usage scene, such as in the office or at home. Let's see below what kind of advantages each has for business use and home use.

◇ Carpet Tile Can Be Easily Installed

Each tile carpet is as small as 40 cm to 50 cm, and anyone can easily use it by simply laying it on the floor. If it is a backside adsorption type or one with glue, there is no need for adhesion and it will be easy to install even in a large office. It is unique to carpet tiles that you can arrange the design just by devising the color and orientation.

Advantages of Commercial Carpet Tiles:

Easy to construct regardless of the size of the office

・ If there is an adhesive on the back side, speedy construction is possible

・ You can think of your own floor design

・ Transportation costs and construction costs of non-tile carpets can be reduced.

Advantages of Home Carpet Tiles:

・ Easy to arrange, such as using it all over the floor or like a rug

・ It can be used in a small space such as a children's room or a small space.

・ You can choose colors and designs according to other interiors

◇ Carpet Tiles Are Easy To Maintain

Many tile carpets are durable and resistant to abrasion and fading. Because it is easy to replace, it is easy to manage, and it will be less difficult to feel the maintenance effort compared to a single carpet. Regular maintenance keeps your office and home clean.

Commercial Carpet Tile Benefits:

・ Dirty range can be quickly replaced (basically washable non-compatible for business use)

・ Because it is hard to get dirty and less noticeable, maintenance frequency is reduced compared to carpets other than tiles

Residential Carpet Tile Benefits:

・ Only the range where stains and dirt that does not fall off can be replaced

・ Because there are many washable types, it can be washed regularly to keep clean

・ Can be stored compactly by overlapping when not in use, making it easy to carry even when changing or moving

◇ Carpet Tile Has Excellent Cushioning Properties & Carpet-Like Texture

In recent years, many household carpet tiles with a carpet-like texture with excellent interior quality have appeared, contributing to the creation of high-quality spaces at low prices. In particular, tile carpets with high cushioning properties not only reduce the burden of walking and improve comfort, but are also attractive because they can be expected to have sound absorption and soundproofing effects. You will be able to satisfy the desire that "a tile carpet that does not hurt even if you lie down" and "you want to suppress the noise to the next room and downstairs and stick to the appearance design".

Application of Carpet Tiles

Introducing the scene of using carpet tiles! What kind of place and room is the carpet tile actually used? Introducing the scene where carpet tile is easy to choose.

◇ Office

The introduction of carpet tiles in the office reduces the burden on footsteps and feet due to walking.

In addition, it is possible to enhance the interior by making use of the color and separate the space of one floor.

Even in offices of different sizes, tile carpets can be handled simply by changing the number of sheets, so it will be cost-effective.

◇ Hotel entrance, guest rooms, etc.

By laying carpet tiles at the hotel entrance and counter, footsteps are reduced from the moment you pass through the entrance, creating a luxurious space that is not outdoors.

In addition, by changing the type of tile carpet for each place such as the lobby and guest room, you can create a sense of luxury and a slow space.

◇ Perfect for home

Carpet tiles are easy to install and maintain, so they can be useful in women's lives and homes with small children.

・ I want to lay carpets all over the floor

・I want to wash frequently and keep it clean

・ I want to change the design in my mood

If you have this kind of hope, why not take advantage of carpet tiles and consider using them at home? However, if you use an adhesive such as a bond, the adhesive may damage the flooring when peeling off. For rentals that need to return to their original state when moving out, it is recommended to use adsorption tape that is hard to shift and does not leave marks.

* To return to the state at the time of moving in


The main advantage of carpet tiles is that each carpet tile is independent, so there is little effort for construction and maintenance, and the interior characteristics and comfort of the space can be enhanced.

When choosing a product, consider the damage to the floor and the design due to construction (adhesion), and choose one that can be used for a long time. In recent years, in addition to excellent design and cushioning, cut-off materials and corner joints that can be produced like a single rug are also sold. Choose the carpet tile that suits your business or home use and aim to create a comfortable space.