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Office Flooring Install & Replace Guide: Things To Consider When Renovating Office Floor

2022/4/25 17:50:05

There are many flooring materials, and we think that there are many people who are lost in how to choose, but the basic idea will be to choose according to the work scene and space application. In addition, if flame retardant performance is examined and barrier-free, it is necessary to consider steps and slope inclination angles.

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Think and choose what the floor can bring to your office

By changing the color, material, design, etc. of the floor of the office, let's create a space according to the purpose by understanding that color psychology that is not usually conscious works. Of course, not only the floor, but also the ceiling, walls, houseplants, and furniture affect the complex, but the base floor is an important factor.

1. Area division (zoning) can be performed by changing the material, color, and design of the floor

Even the floor of the same material can be visually zoned by changing the color. Please devise it when there is a restriction on partitioning in partitions or storage. It is easier to be aware of the conductors by changing the color of not only the area division but also the passage. As an application, you can also show a sign with a design on the carpet, and the following photo (right side) is an example of the direction of walking progress with an arrow.

2. You can create a comfortable space by considering the color scheme of the floor

The psychological effects of color are mentioned above, but let's think about what the color scheme of the floor that creates a comfortable space is. It is also a good idea to incorporate green with a high healing effect into the communication area and use energetic yellow and pink accents. It is also effective to colorize natural colors such as houseplants and rest tired eyes with desk work.

In the job area where there is a lot of desk work, it is a stress-prone environment where you can sit at your desk for a long time, so consider effectively placing green with a high peace effect.

It is also good to use a cold color scheme that has the effect of calming down in sales areas. It is said that cold colors such as blue and blue-green have the effect of calming the mind and increasing concentration.

3. Choose for ease of cleaning of the floor (ease of care)

Maintainability must also be considered when choosing an office floor. For example, in the corridor area where there is a lot of walking, there are highly durable vinyl-based flooring, in areas with many layout changes, it is easy to change the wiring with the OA floor + carpet tile, and the flooring material with a high antifouling effect is selected for the area where you eat.

Points to keep in mind when replacing office floors

The process of replacement will change depending on whether it is your own facility or rental. In a rental office, it is also important to have the ease of restoring the property to its rented state. In addition, please note that depending on the building, construction such as OA floor may be decided as B construction.

1. Check whether it is easy to replace the floor

If there is a possibility of layout change in the near future, make sure that it is easy to replace the floor material to be used. For example, if you change the meeting area to an office space, it will be difficult to change the wiring if it is a flooring material.

2. Approximate construction period

The construction period varies depending on the covered floor area, but if it is less than 200 m2 on the OA floor, it may be possible to construct on holidays such as Saturdays and Sundays including Friday nighttime. In the case of an office in use, it is necessary to prepare office furniture, office equipment, wiring, etc. before construction, so it is necessary to include this period. In the case of a busy office, care must be taken in the case of a post-use office because there is work to fix the floor of the strut on the OA floor of the strut type and the construction period will be long.

3. Approximate construction cost

The total cost depends on the unit price of the flooring, but basically the larger the construction cost, the lower the unit price. When making inquiries about construction, make sure to know the number of square meters in advance. In addition, in the case of replacement, the cost will vary depending on whether peeling off work and the disposal of parts occurs, so let's convey as detailed information as possible.

4. Check maintenance methods (including frequency)

Flooring maintenance is required on a regular basis. Depending on the material on the floor, the maintenance method will change, but natural materials such as wood must be regularly wiped dry and the appropriate cleaning agent for the material must be selected. Since the vinyl type has a resin coating, if you choose a type that does not require wax, it only requires dry wiping. carpet tiles are prone to dust and need to be vacuumed.