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How to Clean Up the Wiring on Office Floor | Office Cable Management Solution

2022/5/25 18:41:17

When changing the floor, let's first organize the wiring on the office floor. If the wiring of the floor is visible, there is an impression that there is no sense of cleanliness, and there is a risk such as disconnection due to stumbling, and there is a bad influence. Along with changing the flooring, let's devise a way to clean up the wiring that was stretched on the floor.

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Reduce the number of codes

Trying to reduce office cords is not easy to change the information equipment, but it is also possible to reduce wiring by using wireless equipment as much as possible. You can also adjust wasted excess cables in the shortest possible time to make the wiring look smaller.

Use items to make the wiring look less organized

The wiring cord will give a neat impression if it looks disjointed or the surplus is overlapping. If you put the code together in a spiral tube as a simple item, you can make it look smaller. It is easy to organize by utilizing goods that combine multiple codes, and it is easy to clean, etc.

Turn it into an OA floor

OA floor refers to a floor that allows wiring such as telephones, network lines, and power supplies to pass through a dual-structure floor space. By making it an OA floor, there is a merit that the wiring of the office can be seen clearly. It is also useful when you want to change the layout of furniture or change the wiring, and the lack of wiring on the floor also reduces the risk of tripping and falling.

There are two types of OA floors, let's take a look at the characteristics of each.

Prop-type raised floor

Even if there is an uneven floor at present, it can be easily fixed with a pillar-type OA floor that can be leveled. In general, there are many metal types, and the load-bearing capacity is higher than that of the laying type, and it is characterized by a good walking feeling, but the cost is high.

Stationary raised floor

The laying type of OA floor is a type that is laid out like tiles and installed, and the construction period can be shortened compared to the pillar type. The laying type can keep the cost low, but even if there is uneven floor, the level can not be adjusted and the walking feeling is also inferior. There is also a merit that it is difficult to put a burden on the floor because it is lightweight.

Points to note when replacing the floor of an office

The process of replacement also varies depending on whether it is your own facility or rental. In a rented office, the ease of "restoration to the original state" of returning the property to the rented state is also an important point. Also, please note that depending on the building, the contractor may decide that the OA floor etc. work is B work.

・ Check whether it is easy to replace the floor

In areas where there is a possibility of layout change in the near future, let's check whether it is easy to replace the floor material to be used. For example, when changing the meeting area to an office space, it will be difficult to change the wiring if it is flooring material.

・Estimated construction period

The construction period varies depending on the target floor area, but if it is less than 200 m2 on the OA floor of the laying type, it will be possible to construct on holidays such as Saturdays and Sundays including Friday night. In the case of an office in use, it is necessary to prepare in advance such as office furniture, OA equipment, and wiring arrangement before construction, so it is necessary to include this period as well. In the support type OA floor, there is a work to fix the pillars to the floor and the construction period is long, so care must be taken in the case of a busy office.

・Estimated construction costs

The total cost also depends on the unit price of the flooring, but basically the construction cost is lower as the square meter is wider. When making inquiries about construction, let's grasp the approximate number of square meters in advance. Also, in the case of reupholstery, the cost will go back and forth depending on whether the peeling work and disposal of the member will occur, so let's convey as much detailed information as possible.

・ Confirm the maintenance method (including frequency)

Maintenance of flooring is necessary on a regular basis. The material of the floor changes the maintenance method, but natural materials such as wood require regular dry wiping and choosing the right cleaning agent for the material. The vinyl type is resin-coated, so if you choose a wax-free type, you only need to wipe it dry. Tile carpets tend to accumulate dust, so it is necessary to vacuum them.