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How To Choose The Right OA Floor for Your Company | Office Raised Floor Solution Guide

2022/5/28 18:49:01

Are you on the floor of your office with a mess of power supplies and cables? It is very dangerous because it causes you to get caught on the foot! We want to keep the floor clean so that employees do not get hurt.

Office Raised Floor.png

The OA floor introduced in this article is designed to make the office safe and clean to use by storing the wiring that tends to be messed up under the floor. These days, some tenants have OA floors from the start, but there are many cases where you have to arrange them yourself. Therefore, in this article, we will explain the points of how to choose so that you can choose the appropriate OA floor (office raised access floor) for your company.

How To Choose Right OA Floors by Condition?

We will explain how to choose an OA floor according to the conditions:

Enforcement conditions

The conditions for interior work differ depending on the building. In some cases, detailed rules may be decided, so let's check the construction conditions with the management company.

If the ceiling height of the office is low, it is recommended to use a construction type that can adjust the height. However, since construction molds use adhesives to fix the support legs to the original floor, the impact on the building must be considered. Depending on the building, you may only be able to choose the laying type.

Construction period and cost performance

If there are circumstances such as the construction period is limited or you want to keep the budget as low as possible, the laying type is recommended. Since there is no need to fix support legs to the floor, the laying type can be installed in a relatively short period of time. In addition, if it is a resin type, it will be possible to save material costs. In fact, many companies have adopted the placement type.

However, since the support legs of the placement type are not fixed, the earthquake resistance tends to be weaker than that of the construction type. Also, since the height cannot be adjusted, it cannot be installed on uneven floors.

Lots of wiring

If you want to store a lot of wiring, it is a good idea to choose a construction type that can adjust the height of the support legs and store the wiring on the entire floor. Entrepreneurs with many employees and special environments such as server rooms and call centers tend to have a lot of wiring.

However, since construction molds take time to install, they are not suitable for companies that cannot devote time to an office relocation or layout changes. In addition, since the pillars are fixed, it is not recommended even if there are any restrictions on the construction conditions.

Load-bearing capacity (material)

When considering load-bearing capacity, check the notation N (Newton). 1kg ≒ 9.8N.

If it is a general office, please use 3,000N as a guide. If the load on the floor is large, such as in a server room, further attention must be paid to the load-bearing capacity. Generally, the resin is about 2,000 to 3,000 N of resin, and concrete and metal are about 3,000 to 5,000 N.


We will explain the burden range, precautions, schedule, etc. of the restoration of the office to its original state. When considering relocating or establishing a new office, please contact AcessFloorStore.Com. The OA floor has the advantage of having a clear view of the office wiring, which is convenient when you want to change the layout and wiring, and reduces the risk of stumbling and falling. Let's choose the most suitable one considering the enforcement conditions of the building, construction period, cost performance, etc. Also, to complete a comfortable office, pay attention to the finishing materials.

AccessFloorStore.Com provides safe and reliable services to offices. With a wealth of experience of more than 1000+ cases per year, we propose spaces that match the way our customers work. In addition to office relocation, we can provide one-stop support for office maintenance and operation after relocation. Please feel free to contact us.