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Meeting Room Flooring Solution Guide: Best Floor Types, Colors, Designs for Conference Room

2022/7/22 18:04:24

When you think of the floor of an office, you may fall into the sober category of interiors, but in fact, it is a large area that can be visually recognized as a space, and it unconsciously impresses the space. So this time, let's focus on the design of the floor and look at the difference in impression. We will explain what kind of design is suitable for the functionality required for the conference room with examples.

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Highly Designed Meeting Rooms That Impress With The Company's Branding

If you have a large number of visitors, it is recommended to set up a meeting room with a better design. Like the entrance, which is often seen by outsiders, meeting rooms impress a company. So, by designing a meeting room, you can express your company's branding as added value.

When you have multiple meeting rooms, you can change the design of the floor to completely change the impression of the space and visually influence the purpose and role of each conference room.

Because It Is a Conference Room, Floor Design Constraints Are Minimized

Since underfloor wiring, which is indispensable in the office, is often unnecessary in the conference room, it is possible to select flooring materials without thinking too much about construction constraints. In addition to tile carpets, you can also select materials with high design and texture, such as floor tiles and natural materials, so why not think about the design of the floor according to the purpose of the conference room and the space image?

Differences In Impression Due To Meet Room Floor Coloring

Consider the design of the floor used for the meeting room and the impression caused by the difference in color. Color has a psychological effect on humans. It can be broadly divided into two types.

  • Cold colors (shades that give the impression of coldness, such as blue and purple) The effect of enhancing concentration without creating a feeling of oppression.

  • Warm colors (shades that give the impression of warmth, such as red and yellow) are easy to attract the eye, and have the effect of becoming energetic and active.

By changing the design and color of the floor to match the purpose of the meeting room, you can create a highly productive meeting room. A conference room with a cold floor. The psychological effect of inducing a meeting to proceed calmly and calmly with the story. Meeting room with warm floors. The psychological effect of inducing meetings that actively encourage the exchange of opinions.

Types Of Meeting Room Flooring

There are three main types of flooring materials that are often used in offices:

Carpet Tiles

Carpet on 500 square tiles. There are plenty of designs and color variations, and it is easy to reupholster. Since it has a wide range of uses and is compatible with OA floors, it is suitable for floor wiring such as LAN and telephone wiring. For a detailed introduction of tile carpets, please refer to "Why is the use rate of tile carpets so high for office flooring?"

PVC Tiles (Vinyl Chloride)

Plastic floor tiles with wood grain or stone grain printed. It is rich in patterns such as wood grain, has high design, durability, and is cheaper than natural materials. It can also be used for OA floors, but it may be said that the workability and ease of wiring processing (lacking) are not suitable for OA floors compared to tile carpets.

Natural Materials (Wood, Stone, Tile, Etc.)

Natural materials such as flooring and marble. There is a texture and luxury feeling that only the real thing has, and the design that can not be put out with other materials is attractive. However, the price is relatively high. Since a construction method that matches the material is required and it is also unsuitable for wiring processing, it is rarely used in combination with the OA floor.

Floor Design & Color That Influence The Impression Of The Meeting Room

This time, we focused on the floor of the conference room, but it is necessary to create a space by selecting from among the types of flooring materials, abundant designs, and colors (colors) according to the purpose of the conference room and the branding of the company. The combination of floor types and designs is very diverse. In addition, the actual space is formed in total not only by the floor but also by the walls, ceiling, furniture to be installed, etc., so please contact us when you are lost.