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How To Remove Commercial Carpet Tiles from Concrete Floor?

2022/8/5 15:50:05

Pulling up the commercial carpet of a cement floor consists of tearing the strips of the tack or glue of the carpets. Turning the strips, which are maintained by glue, staples, or nails, are usually used to secure the carpet in hallways, living rooms, and bedrooms. Carpet glue is commonly used on cement floors in basements or on floors where homeowners install cheap carpet, and low pile. You can remove the carpet by yourself, but the work is less strenuous if you get the help of others, especially when it comes to cleaning the room of all the furniture before you start. With this guide, we show the steps you remove the commercial carpet from the cement floor. 

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How To Remove Commercial Carpet from Concrete Floor?

Cement subfloor supports almost any type of flooring option, from carpet tiles to hardwood tiles. If you already have carpet tiles and are ready for a change, however, your will needs to lift the cement carpet to give you access to the stable and flat support structure underneath. More carpeting is carried out instead with strips of the tack, which stick directly to the cement below. Be cautious, as these strips contain sharp nails that can easily penetrate the skin. Carefully, however, you can remove the old carpet and make way for a new flooring installation.

Normal Steps To Remove Commercial Carpet from Concrete Floor?

  • Wear gloves when removing the carpet, to protect your hands from sharp nails and staples that hold the carpet in place.

  • Take the carpet to a corner of the room with a pair of pliers and pull it back to separate the carpet from the tack strip. Pull up a section three to four feet wide and slice towards you with a carpet cutter or knife. Breaking the carpet into sections makes it easy to remove pieces. Pull the carpet and then cut through, until you have removed the section from all feet from three to four. Roll this section and remove it from the room.

  • Continue to remove the sections until the surface carpet has been cut off to all, exposing the carpet padding. When only the filling is left, look for the staples with the filling to the strips of the tack and pull with a couple of tip pliers. Don't worry if the staples break while pulling, as they can't be used anyway again.

  • Scrape in all areas of the quilt that were glued to the concrete with a floor scraper, home improvement, and hardware stores as well as floor retailers. Or you do not find glued areas will depend on the original installer, but the scraper removes the glue from the concrete. When the filling is completely removed, it will be only the strips of the tack.

  • Force a lever under the tack strip in a corner of the room; Be very careful around the edges. If the lever will not ignite its own, bang against the back of the lever with a hammer force underneath.

  • Apply its weight to the lever bar to force the embroidery pulled upwards, away from the concrete. Work your way along the tack strips in the room (the number will depend on the size of the room and the original installer) until you have removed them all.

Tips and Warnings

  • If the floor scraper is not to remove the filling of glued carpets, soften the glue with turpentine or a similar solvent. These solvents will not damage the concrete.

  • When working with the lever, you can pull even small pieces of cement off the floor. These will not damage the overall reliability of the base.

Steps to Remove Commercial Carpet Tiles Installed with Rack Strips from Concrete Floor

  • Place on eye protection wear and work gloves. Pull the carpet and rug pad in a corner of the room with a pair of tweezers. The tweezers will give a better squeeze on that first stretch of the carpet. Keep pulling, and the carpet and cushion are slowly released from the tack strips.

  • Roll on top of carpet and carpet pad and set aside.

  • •Place the flat end of the bar lever where the tack strip joins the ground. He hit the lever from behind with the hammer to begin separating the strip from the cement tack. Avoid being hit by pieces of concrete that can fly up while removing the strip from the tack.

  • Lift the embroidery releases the cement strip. Continue to use the lever until you pull the tack in the room are removed.

  • Discard the strip carpet tack, mattress and carpet.

Steps to Remove Commercial Carpet Tiles installed with Carpet Glue From Concrete Floor

  • Cut the lines on the carpet, one foot apart, the entire length of the room.

  • Pull on top of each strip of carpet one foot off the floor.

  • When all strips are removed, pour hot water into a small portion of any remaining carpet glue. Wait 10 minutes or at least until the glue is flexible. Remove the glue with the scraper. Clean the glue from the scraper in a trash can before it hardens.

  • Apply an adhesive remover chemical to clean the glue that you could not remove with hot water. Clean the cement with the spatula.

  • Discard the strip carpet tack, mattress and carpet.

Tips and warnings

  • Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when using a chemical adhesive remover. 

  • You may need to amend the holes in the cement that were created at the same time remove the strips from the tack.