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Precautions for using the touch screen

2022/8/6 10:04:47

Precautions for using the touch screen

Micron (specializing in the production of touch screens, the use and operation of the touch screen is very convenient, we use the touch screen to replace the mouse and keyboard. The touch screen has developed from the previous single-point touch to the current multi-touch screen. Micron (the main production touch screen is 10-point touch.

The use of a G+G touch screen requires the following points:

1. The front side of the touch screen product is glass, and the screen printing color can be seen; the back side is the functional film, and the silkscreen silver paste can be seen.

2. The G+G touch screen is made of glass, and the front side is generally polished with beveled edges, which is relatively smooth; the functional glass on the back side is generally not polished, and the operation is to be careful.

3. The touch screen is a fragile glass product. Do not apply a strong impact to the touch screen during assembly.

4. The cable of the touch screen is in contact with the glass. Do not take the product directly through the cable to avoid pulling on the cable.

5. The part of the cable reinforcement board cannot be bent.

6. The cable is also the circuit board, and any part is not allowed to fold in half.

7. When assembling the cable, it must be inserted horizontally, and cannot be inserted in half at the root of the reinforcing plate.

8. When picking and placing the touch screen, it needs to be operated in a single piece, and handle it with care to avoid the products colliding with each other and scratching the surface of the product.

9. When cleaning the surface of the product, please wipe it with a clean cloth dipped in petroleum ether.

10. Do not use corrosive organic solvents to wipe the surface of the touch screen film. Such as industrial alcohol, etc.

The above is the experience of the editor in the touch screen factory. If you need to know more, please contact Truly, and professional engineers will help you solve it.

Capacitive touch screen vending machines are widely used

With the development of smart hardware, more and more smart devices are close to our lives in our lives. Vending machines are one of them. It is very convenient. This capacitive touch screen vending machine is very popular. The touch screen industry Truly comes to touch screen manufacturers Specializing in the production of touch screens to support customers' on-demand customization

This kind of unmanned convenience store is very convenient. You don’t need to go to the convenience store when you are thirsty or hungry. You can directly select products from the vending machine, scan the code and pay directly to get the drink you want. Shenzhen Xinlilai Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. produces capacitive touch screens, capacitive screens, and industrial control touch screens.