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What is The Difference Between Commercial & Residential Carpet? Features of Each & FAQs

2022/9/17 10:28:57

Carpet tiles that can be used by laying out your favorite color and pattern can be used regardless of the size of the place you want to lay, so it is popular both in the office and at home. However, did you know that there is actually a big difference between office use and home use?

In this article, we will explain in detail the difference between carpet tile for office and business use and for home use. We will explain the characteristics of each, the price market, the effect obtained, etc. If you are considering putting up a carpet tile from now on, please refer to it by all means.

What is the Office & Commercial Carpet Tile?

Carpet tiles for office and business use are those used on office floors, entrances, and corridors of hotels and hospitals. It is a carpet tile made on the premise that there is a lot of traffic and that you will pass by dirt foot and use a dolly. For more detailed features, let's take a look at the following:

Office & Commercial Carpet Tile.jpg

Features of Carpet Tiles for Office and Commercial Use

The characteristics of carpet tiles for office and commercial use are mainly the following four:

High durability

As mentioned above, carpet tiles for office and business use are made on the assumption that there will be many people and bogies passing through. Therefore, materials that are less prone to damage are often used. Specifically, in most cases, a stiff pile is used instead of a soft pile with long legs. It is made thickly with a material that does not dent or wear off with a little friction or load.

Strong fixing force

Each carpet tile is a combination of independent carpets, so if you continue to apply a load in one direction, it will be shifted. There is no problem if it is a general passerby, but if the load is large, such as a cart carrying a heavy load passing, it will be shifted. You can also stumble, fall on a misaligned carpet tile, and get hurt. For this reason, carpet tiles for office and commercial use need to be glued using a special adhesive, and the back side is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) to increase the adhesive strength.

Zoning can be done with color

Zoning is one of the biggest advantages of carpet tiles, which is how to use it taking advantage of the "free layout". By partially changing the color and pattern, you can divide the space naturally. Since it is not necessary to use walls or freshly attached, it will be effective if you want to make it an office with a sense of openness or if you do not have a budget/space to attach walls, etc.

Excellent functionality

Office and commercial carpet tiles are often made of nylon or polypropylene. These materials also have electrostatic and antifouling functions, so it can be said that they are ideal for places with a lot of electronic devices and places with a lot of traffic with feet on the ground.

Nylon and polypropylene carpets are used in different places depending on the application, nylon is a strong material that people often pass through, and polypropylene is not as strong as nylon, so it is used in places where there are not many people walking.

Price of Commercial Carpet Tiles

The price of such durable office and commercial carpet tiles is about 2$~ 5$ per sheet. Sometimes they are sold one at a time, but generally, they are sold in sets of 10 or 20 sheets.

What is the Home & Residential Carpet Tile?

Now that you know what office and business carpet tiles look like, let's take a look at carpet tiles for home use. Residential carpet tiles, as the name suggests, are carpet tiles commonly used in homes. For features and pricing, please see below.

Home & Residential Carpet Tile.jpg

Features of Residential Carpet Tiles

There are four features of carpet tiles for home use:

Easy construction method

Many carpet tiles for home use are products that have been subjected to an adsorption process that completes construction just by placing them. This adsorption process also serves as a non-slip operation. In addition, it is also characterized by being made lightly so that even women can easily construct it. It can be said that ease of handling is the biggest advantage.

Abundant size, shape, and color development

Carpet tiles for home use, which are used only in children's rooms, in hallways, and as a replacement for rugs, are available in multiple sizes to match the size of the carpet. In addition to the basic squares, there are also plenty of variations in shapes, such as hexagons. In addition, there are plenty of color variations and pop shades, so you can choose according to your favorite design.

Emphasis is placed on texture

For use in the house, the touch of carpet tiles is a point of importance. Piles with long legs or a soft texture are often adopted.

Easy to maintain

Carpet tiles for home use are not glued to the floor using a special adhesive, so they can be peeled off relatively easily. In other words, only the carpet tile in the dirty part can be removed and washed, and replaced. Even if you use it with children, pets, kitchen, etc., minimal maintenance is sufficient.

Common Price of Residential Carpet Tiles

The price of such a household carpet tile is about 3$ to 8$ per sheet. It depends on the store, but we sell from a small number of sheets, such as for each sheet or by combining two pieces of favorite colors.

Differences Between Office And Home Carpet Tiles (Frequently Asked Questions)

As mentioned above, office and commercial carpet tiles are durable, with strong fixing force and excellent functionality. On the other hand, household carpet tiles are characterized by an emphasis on ease of maintenance that can be partially replaced rather than durability rather than touch, texture, and fixing force. In addition, the price of carpet tiles for office and commercial use, which is premised on large-scale purchases, is about 2$ per sheet, whereas household carpet tiles are a little more expensive at about 3$.

There are various other differences such as the simplicity and thickness of the construction method, but is it okay to use commercial carpet tile at home? Some of you may have thought. Here, we will explain the questions that tend to arise about carpet tiles.

Is It Okay To Use Office Carpet Tiles At Home?

In conclusion, it is possible to use the office use for the home. However, carpet tiles for professional use are made on the premise that they will be glued together with a special adhesive, so there is no adsorption treatment on the backside. In other words, just placing it will immediately shift away.

If you use a special adhesive, it will leave a snort or damage to the floor surface when you peel it off, so it is better not to rent it. If you really want to use it, it is recommended to use double-sided tape that does not damage the floor and can be attached and peeled off.

Which Carpet Tile Is Better For Soundproofing?

Commercial carpet tiles are thicker than household carpet tiles, but in fact, it is household carpet tiles that have a soundproofing effect. Softer materials have better sound absorption. In addition, since household carpet tiles are made with the assumption that you can walk or sit directly with bare feet, many of them have anti-mite and deodorizing effects.

I don't want the sound of children's footsteps to be a nuisance to the neighborhood... If you are going to introduce a carpet tile with such consideration, let's choose a carpet tile for home use.


There are two types of carpet tiles, office and business carpets and residential use, and the characteristics of each are very different. Even if it is the same carpet tile, the characteristics are completely different, so there is a high possibility that it will fail if you choose appropriately.

In recent years, many carpet tiles with excellent functionality have also been sold. Please refer to the features and prices of each introduced this time and try to choose the one that suits your application.