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Hotel Carpet Cleaning Guide: Precautions & Tools To Clean Commercial Carpets in Hotels and Guest Rooms

2022/9/25 14:21:07

Among hotels and guest rooms, there are many people who are struggling with commercial carpets that are particularly difficult to remove dirt. If the stain is not removed properly, there is a possibility that it will develop into a complaint, so it must be cleaned thoroughly. To do so, first of all, let's have a solid understanding of the mechanism of carpet stains. This time, we will explain the causes and solutions to why carpets in hotels and guest rooms are easy to get dirty, and cleaning tools that are useful when cleaning.



Hotel Commercial Carpet Cleaning Guide

Carpet cleaning in the hotel must be done carefully to ensure that guests can use it comfortably. In order to maintain the aesthetics of a hotel and improve its image, it is necessary to have a reputation among customers, and it is essential to keep the carpet clean.

Many hotel carpets can be used semi-permanently, but if not cleaned in the right way, their service life will only be shortened. If you choose the color and design of the carpet according to the atmosphere of the hotel, the price should be quite effective. In this article, we will explain the tools and methods necessary for cleaning carpets in hotels so that carpets can be used for a long time.


3 Reasons Why Carpet Cleaning in Hotels and Inns is Important

In the first place, there may be some cleaning staff who are worried about "why is carpet cleaning important?" We will confirm the specific reasons why carpet cleaning is important.

Carpets are easy to get dirty

Carpets are particularly easy to get dirty, even in hotel rooms. In the case of a room where you step on the ground with your feet, mud and dirt adhering to the soles of your shoes will stick to the carpet and get dirty immediately. Carpets such as the Axminster Carpets are generally made of threads such as wool, and if left unattended for a long time, dirt may penetrate deep into the fibers and become large stains. If you don't remove stains frequently, you will have to replace the carpet. As a result, the rooms require particularly careful cleaning.

Dirt can cause odors

Dirt on the carpet can cause odors. It is not uncommon for people to have experienced that the unpleasant smell does not disappear for some reason even though they are cleaning cleanly. The cause may be a strange odor emitted from the carpet. Especially on rainy days, when moisture is contained in carpets, it is easy for unpleasant odors to be emitted from the dirt. Rooms with a disgusting smell may not be comfortable for guests and may lead to complaints in the worst case. Dirt on carpets must be removed before they become a source of the odor.

Parasitic insects and bacteria are prone to multiply

Even seemingly clean carpets may actually be breeding bacteria and parasites. Of course, parasites and bacteria are only left uncleaned, but care must be taken even if they are cleaned thoroughly. For example, if moisture remains when washing carpets, bacteria can grow from them.

Also, be careful because parasites and bacteria are so small that they are invisible to the naked eye, so they may not be completely removed by vacuum cleaners or water washing. Rooms with parasites and bacteria carry the risk of allergies and infectious diseases. If there is a problem for small children or customers with allergies, it will develop into a big problem, so you must be careful.


Types of Hotel Carpet Cleaning

You will want to make your hotel carpet last longer and use it clean, but for that you should undergo maintenance by a professional contractor. In addition, it is necessary to change the way of cleaning depending on the type of dirt. The contractor will analyze the dirt and clean it with the appropriate cleaning method, so you can get back the color and brushed hair that is close to new.

If you feel it's too late or you don't expect it to work, it's still too early to give up. Here, we will explain how to clean carpet cleaning in a hotel by dividing it into three parts.

Cleaning and cleaning with high-pressure steam

High-pressure steam cleaning is a method of decomposing dirt by applying a cleaning agent and high-temperature steam to the dirt area. In addition, the high-temperature steam and the high-pressure vacuum allow it to dry at a fairly high speed, so the possibility of re-staining caused by lack of drying is low. This allows the carpet to be returned to its beautiful state.

Cleaning by semi-dry cleaning

Semi-dry cleaning is a method of cleaning with minimal moisture. If the carpet material shrinks or has a high absorption rate if you take care of a lot of water, wash it in this way. After sprinkling carpet cleaners on the dirt spots, place the pads to adsorb the dirt. It is effective when cleaning the top from the middle of the hair.

Champing and wet cleaning

In the Champing Wet method, it is a method of cleaning using a lot of water while releasing cleaning agents. In addition, the carpet material does not shrink even if it gets wet with water, and it is especially used when there is a lot of dirt. It has a cleaning effect even to the dirt in the back of the hair, but it takes at least 3 hours for the carpet to dry, so be careful at the time of day when cleaning with the wet method.


Tools To Use For Hotel Carpet Cleaning

If carpet stains are left unattended, the carpet will have to be replaced. Therefore, it must be thoroughly cleaned after each cleaning. However, if you focus only on the carpet every time, you will not be able to make it in time for the stipulated time.

So we put together a cleaning tool that will remove carpet dirt firmly in a short time. Please make use of it when choosing tools.

Vacuum cleaners are the mainstream for daily cleaning

The daily cleaning of carpets is mainstream to use a vacuum cleaner. The carpet is packed with mud, dirt, hair, etc., so vacuum carefully. If you can't remove it with a vacuum cleaner, use a brush to scrape out the dirt. By doing so, you can remove dirt that cannot be removed with a vacuum cleaner. In order to maximize the suction power of the vacuum cleaner, let's dispose of garbage frequently.

Powerful cleaning with high-pressure steam cleaner

If you want to uproot invisible stains, use a high-pressure steam cleaner. High-pressure steam cleaners can float dirt with hot steam. The steam is so hot that it evaporates quickly and leaves no moisture behind. In addition to removing dirt, it is also possible to prevent and sterilize mold, bacteria, and parasites. It can be said that it is perfect for regular cleaning because it removes dirt that can not be used with a vacuum cleaner. However, you also need to be careful to use a steam cleaner. During use, kalki accumulates in the tank, and the kalki may cause failure. To remove kalki, use citric acid or a special cleaner.

Carpets can also be washed with a polisher

Polishers, such as floor polishing, can also be used on carpets. If dirt does not come off easily or stains form, let's wash with a polisher. The polisher removes dirt by rotating the brush attached to the tip at high speed. Before applying the polisher, thoroughly vacuum to remove debris and apply detergent to the floor. The polisher sucks up moisture at the same time as washing, so you don't have to worry about the carpet getting drenched. However, it takes time to dry completely. Therefore, when using it, make it a day when there is no reservation for the next day.


Points To Be Aware of When Cleaning Hotel Commercial Carpets

Hotels don't know who has put dirt on them and where, but it is necessary to look around and remove the dirt. It can become a stain, and accumulate dust, dust mites, and mold, which can damage the health of those who are there. In particular, the back of the carpet is a place where the airflow is poor, heavy air accumulates and mold tends to form. Here, we will explain the important points to be careful about when cleaning the hotel.

Not only dirt but also deodorant

Carpets are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are also something that creates a foul odor.

It is especially found in summer, but due to bacteria that multiply by nourishing human sweat, a foul odor wafts in a room where the smell is muffled. It can be caused by human sweat, but it can also be caused by dust and mites brought by people from outside. For this measure, it is necessary to keep it dry once away from the humid environment where bacteria are likely to breed. Sun-drying should be done if possible. Not only appearance but also disinfection

In order to keep the carpet clean, it is also necessary to keep it disinfected

Mold has high fertility and spreads by feeding on dust, sebum stains, and human sweat. If the mold gets so bad that it becomes a big black stain, it will be almost too late. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to put alcohol in the rag and wipe off mold stains on a daily basis.

Due to the impact of the new coronavirus, the importance of carpet "disinfection" will increase

Due to the impact of the new coronavirus, the importance of "disinfection" is increasing more than ever. Most hotels have installed alcohol sprays in various places as a measure against corona, and if thorough disinfection is not carried out, the reliability level of customers will decrease.

Among them, alcohol spray, which is said to be particularly effective in disinfecting, is also effective for removing mold and cleaning carpets. The components of alcohol evaporate quickly, so there is little worry about moisture or color fading. When using an alcohol spray, the first vacuum thoroughly to remove dirt. After that, let's remove the dirt by spraying on the part you are worried about or applying a rag that has been soaked in.

Since the stain spreads when stretched, the point is to let it soak in so that it hits with a ton. In case of stains that cannot be removed with alcohol, use bleach. However, the components of bleach are very strong and may cause discoloration, so you need to be very careful when using it. If you are worried, we recommend using it from a small amount.

In the event of a corona disaster, it is very important not only to thoroughly clean but also to tell customers "where and how we disinfected and cleaned". A little ingenuity, such as installing a pop in the room, will lead to trust in the customer. More than ever, let's raise awareness of measures against infectious diseases.


Beautiful Hotel Carpet Without Stains and Stains

We explained how to clean carpets and cleaning tools that are particularly easy to get dirty in hotel rooms. If dirt brought from outside adheres to carpets as they are, stains, parasites, bacteria, etc. will soak in. Cleaning is usually done with a vacuum cleaner, but let's wash thoroughly deep inside using a high-pressure steam cleaner or polisher regularly.