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Axminster Carpet Guide: Features, Advantages, Types, Structural & Production

2022/9/26 23:51:18

The Axminster carpet originated in England and got its name from the place name. Axminster is based on the oriental carpet knitting method, the mechanical method of cutting the velvet yarn to a specified length first, and the consolidation method of the "u" or "J" shape is buried between the carpet warp layers, and then fixed by the weft yarn, so that the back of the carpet will not drag the heavy yarn. Axminster only has cut velvet and no velvet carpet.

The Axminster loom is mainly used to produce carpets, block carpets, and commercial carpets of different widths with large patterns, but their production efficiency is much lower than that of tufting machines and Wilden looms.

Axminster carpets.jpg

Here we introduce the most popular commercial carpet used in hotels - Axminster carpets, by going over their features, advantages, structural, types, and more!

1. Main features of the Axminster carpet are as follows:

Suitable for the production of high-grade cut cashmere wool carpet.

In the pattern design of the carpet, there are few restrictions on various aspects such as patterns and color and luster.

The utilization rate of fleece yarn is high, and there is no blanket back to sink yarn.

Can use raw materials of different fineness, twist, and material.

Replace, dispatch carpet production varieties, convenient and simple.

The bottom cloth is spinning and wear-resistant.

According to the needs, special treatments such as dustproof, anti-fouling, anti-moth, anti-mildew, anti-static, and fireproof can be carried out.


2. Main advantages of Axminster carpet are as follows:

1. The patterns produced by Axminster carpets are usually of the large pattern type, and their full carpets, carpets, commercial carpets, etc. have been unanimously praised by everyone in the market.

2. High-end atmosphere on the grade, also suitable for plush wool carpet Oh!

3. The design is novel, the pattern, color and other aspects are less restrictive, and the personalized design is also recognized by everyone.

4. Natural pollution-free, its velvet yarn utilization rate is high, but natural and environmentally friendly!

5. The raw materials are fine, and different degrees of material selection, fineness, and twist make the Axminster carpet more soft and comfortable.

6. Convenient and fast, Axminster carpet variety is complete, fashionable and trendy, replacement or scheduling are very convenient.


3. Material Types of Axminster carpet:

Wool nylon blend

80% imported wool +20% nylon; 50% imported wool + 50% nylon.

Among them, wool is mainly New Zealand wool, and nylon is the first non-nylon 66.

100% nylon yarn

100% nylon yarn; 100% yarn dyed yarn.

Nylon yarns mainly use INVISTA nylon 66, and the nylon Akmin carpet produced by Carrier is currently loved by users.


4. Structural Principle of the Axminster carpet:

The Axminster carpet is composed of three parts: warp, weft and velvet

Warp yarn - 100% polyester

Weft yarn – jute or PP

Velvet warp - 80% wool and 20% nylon

Specifications - 7×7, 7×8, 7×9×7×10, 7×11, 712

The constant "7" refers to the warp density – there are 7 stitches per inch of carpet, and "7-12" refers to the weft density – there are "7-12" rows of carpets in each inch.

The normal range of pile height is 7mm-12 mm

Axminster carpet blankets can also be manually circled. The conventional width of Akmin carpets is 4M, but special door widths can also be customized.


5. Weaving Production Process of Axminster Carpet:

The designer retouches the drawing to confirm → the small prototype proofing confirmation →

Production of computer patterns→ dyeing → winding →

Weaving → weaving

Repair → glue → flat wool → after processing→ general inspection → packaging storage.

Axminster carpet blankets are flat, plump, and magnificent, reaching international commercial heavyweight carpet standards. Excellent appearance retention, durability, stability, comfort, and durability. Generally suitable for hotel restaurants, walkways, banquet halls, bars, conference rooms, and other public places.


6. Axminster Carpet Cost (Prices)

Axminster carpets are flat and plump, and their production meets international carpet standards. Excellent appearance retention, stability, durability and comfort make Akminster carpets durable, and it is also found in royal carpets! In some high-end hotels and clubs, Axminster carpet is the first carpet brand in their decoration. Axminster carpet can usually be divided into 7 * 8, 7 * 9, 7 * 10, 7 * 11 and other different levels according to the density, the number in front of it refers to the warp density, which is the number of roots of the warp line in an inch; The number behind refers to the weft density, which is the number of roots of the weft yarn in an inch. The denser the carpet, the tighter it is. Because of the special weaving method, the Axminster carpet is the closest to the woven carpet of the craft carpet. Axminster carpets according to the type, level of different quotations are not the same, the current market on the ordinary Axminster carpet quotation is about 12-20$ / square meter, and the hotel with Axminster carpet quotation is about 30$ / square meter.