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Best Carpets For Outdoor Terraces - Tips For The Best Choice

2022/10/30 18:19:50

The terrace is that oasis in our home that we value and enjoy so much, and having it in the best conditions is, for many, a duty. Its decoration is key to transforming it completely and just like decorating the living room or bedroom, commercial carpets for terraces have become one of the most demanded options by consumers.

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Why Decorate Your Outdoor Terrace With Carpets

An outdoor carpet is one of the best ideas to decorate your balcony or terrace. Outdoor carpets are widely used in countries around the world, as they help create a much more pleasant environment. In addition, they provide warmth in winter and extra freshness in summer by heating much less than the tiles on the surface.

These carpets, in addition to not retaining heat, are usually made of light fabrics and without air chambers inside, which is what produces heat storage. Outdoor terrace rugs are made using lightweight, breathable and cool materials, as opposed to indoor carpets that aim at thermal insulation.

The use of outdoor carpets also provides a very interesting touch at the decorative level, since they allow you to create all kinds of environments depending on their prints and designs. They can also be used to delimit spaces and differentiate some outdoor areas from others. In short, they are a decorative element that can not be missing in any patio, terrace or balcony.


What Carpet Material Is Best For The Terrace?

When looking for the best material for outdoor carpets you should keep in mind that there are many options on the market, each with its own advantages. Among the materials preferred by consumers we can highlight the plastic carpets for terraces that are subdivided into the following:

Recycled PET carpets

Carpets made with recycled PET are becoming an ecological and attractive alternative that seduces more and more homes. In Accessfloorstore, as manufacturers of designer and recycled carpets, we make a great commitment to this material thanks to its excellent qualities to be located outdoors and its great long-term resistance. It is one of the outdoor carpet materials for terraces that is gaining more followers.

Polypropylene carpets

In addition to recycled carpets, polypropylene carpets are a very attractive option for outdoors, especially during the summer. This is because they are water-repellent and resist UV rays very well, so they can be exposed to the sun as long as desired without showing signs of deterioration. In addition, they can mimic the textures of natural fibers.

Vinyl carpets

Outdoor vinyl carpets are made of a plastic material known as PVC. It is an ideal waterproof material for contact with water, so it is a recommended carpet if you frequently irrigate your terrace. Yes, keep in mind that they can lose color if they are not indoors and the sun radiates directly.

Natural fiber carpets

Natural fibers are also suitable for outdoor installation. Keep in mind that they can not get wet nor is it advisable that the sun hits them directly. In any case, natural fibers such as wool or bamboo are some of the most used in outdoor carpets. In addition, some types even have antibacterial properties, ideal for when there are children at home.

Cotton carpets

Cotton carpets are also very popular in outdoor gardens and terraces because of their colorful designs and because they can overlap with each other. This type of carpet also has the advantage that it can be washed in a washing machine, something very interesting if you are going to register intensive use on it during the summer. It is a type of carpet that resists high temperatures very well, although it is not the most non-slip type of carpet.


Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Outdoor Carpet For Terrace

Although most outdoor carpets have high resistance, it is also important to take some care to promote their long-term conservation. If you want to preserve your carpet it is important to apply to each type of carpet the care it needs. In the case of vinyl and polypropylene carpets, simply scrub them with water and use neutral soap.

If you want to take care of your vegetable fiber carpet, you should keep in mind that the most important thing is to shake it every so often or use a vacuum cleaner to absorb dust and accumulated dirt in addition to being careful with moisture since it is not recommended that they get wet.


Ideas For Decorating With Carpers On The Outdoor Terrace

There are many outdoor decoration ideas in which carpets play an important role. Some of them are the ones we show below:

To create environments

An outdoor rug has a direct influence when creating a certain environment. It is an aesthetic and practical element with which you can create a rustic atmosphere, a futuristic atmosphere, a chill-out area, or a marine atmosphere on your terrace. You choose the style of carpet that best suits your aesthetic criteria and that's it.

Cover imperfections

Another idea of decoration using outdoor carpets is to cover those imperfections or less aesthetic areas of the terrace. It's a quick way to cover the pavement and give your terrace the style you want. In addition, you can use carpets to cover broken or deteriorated floors until you can invest in a new floor.

For a discreet touch

Carpets can also be used from a less decorative functional point of view. For this, you can find in the market carpets of a single color that are perfect to cover any surface on your terrace or porch. They are discreet carpets that help create a smooth and pleasant surface but where the carpet is not the main protagonist. A simple way to decorate your terrace without excesses.


Now you know all the types of carpets for terraces that exist today. You just have to choose the type of carpet that best suits your needs, carry out the optimal care tasks to favor its long-term conservation, and use the carpet as a decorative element with which to create a terrace with the style you have always had in mind for your home.