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Best Carpets For Expo/Event - Which Carpets To Choose & How To Install?

2022/10/30 18:12:48

The commercial carpet is an ideal element for the installation of any fair, or exhibition or for the realization of events, either indoors or outdoors. It brings uniqueness and identity to the space.

The rental of carpets for all types of events and fairs is very common, due to the variety we have and its easy installation. In addition, the wide range of designs and materials allows us to play with space in a unique way, providing an ideal framework for each activity.

Event Carpets.png

But it is important to make a good choice of carpet, depending on the use we are going to give it. So we can opt for the following:


Types Of Carpet For Trade Fair & Exhibition, Which One To Choose?

  • Natural fiber carpets - They provide a great sense of comfort. You could even walk barefoot on them. It favors a gentle tread, so they are very comfortable for transit spaces, such as corridors, entrances and exits, and stairs. They are also very resistant, so the intense flow of people does not deteriorate them.

  • 100% fiber carpet - It is made of polypropylene and has proven resistance and is certified by the best quality standards. We can also find it in a wide palette of colors. The measures and formats are fully customizable and quick and easy to install.

  • They also have a very reasonable cost, so their use is widespread in all kinds of fairs and events of great affluence.

  • Premium carpet - They are also 100% fiber, but also offer a velvety appearance, with reinforcement on the sides for better adhesion. There are more than 30 shades to choose from and they are widely used when barefoot activities, such as sports or dancing. Its appearance instantly enhances any activity that is carried out on it.

  • Outdoor carpet - In this case, we can find two types of carpet:

    The one that resembles the fiber carpet that we place inside, but that has a greater resistance to the elements.

    One that simulates artificial grass, and that, therefore, has a wide variety of uses.


Advantages Of The Commercial Carpet for Your Exhibition & Events

Do you need to organize a short-term event such as a congress, a presentation, a fair, or a wedding? If so, the fair carpet can provide that distinctive touch you need and that makes any act a success. Do you want to know all its advantages? We'll tell you.


Why Use Commercial Carpet For Exhibitions & Events?

Practicality: carpets are also useful when organizing space. You can use them to delimit the areas that are intended for different purposes.

Easy installation: its assembly is easy, clean, environmentally friendly, and can be removed 100% in just a few minutes. This is possible thanks to the double-sided tape that is used to fix it.

Warmth: the carpet offers a warm and welcoming finish, also improving the visit of the attendees.

Customization: you can choose from a wide range of colors and textures, shapes, and sizes, adapting the carpet to what the event requires.

Prices: the fair carpet stands out for its competitive prices, capable of adjusting to all budgets.


Why Trade Fair Carpets Should Be Resistant?

Generally, exhibition carpets must be able to meet demanding aesthetic requirements – surely the term 'red carpet' sounds to you – but in all cases, resistance is imposed as the main condition. And it is that hundreds of people pass on a fairground carpet, it can be subject to inclement weather if it is placed outdoors, and operators and machines pass on it ...

In short, this decorative solution, which also covers and protects the pavements, must be kept intact and cover any surface effectively, especially at important events or celebrations.

But how do you get that resistance? The answer lies in polypropylene, a material that adapts to all types of surfaces. What properties does it have? In the following lines, we detail the answer.


Best Commercial Carpet For Expo - Polypropylene Carpets (All Advantages)

Did you know that, currently, polypropylene represents the second most used type of plastic in the industry? This compound belongs to the group of thermoplastics and is one of the materials that have more applications, thanks to its rigidity, hardness, and resistance.

In fact, its properties keep it unchanged, even in contact with liquids. Therefore, whether in laboratory equipment, automotive parts, or packaging for the health and food industry, polypropylene is very useful.

We have already talked about the role of polypropylene carpets in the industry in general, but now we land in the carpet sector. Whether for fairs and other events, as well as in the domestic sphere, polypropylene synthetic carpets offer innumerable advantages:

l  It has waterproof properties and if they get wet, they dry quickly.

l  They rarely wear out, as they resist even the most aggressive elements.

l  They are easily cleaned.

l  Since they are used in many scenarios and areas, the market offers an enormous wealth of colors and formats, adapting to the needs of each client.

l  They are very versatile. Keep in mind that each floor requires different installation needs, resulting in effective adhesive tapes, glue, etc.


How Are Expo Carpets Installed?

Knowing how to install trade fair carpets correctly is critical for any event planner. The fair carpet is a visual element that becomes very important in congresses, fairs, parties, weddings, presentations or any other type of event, and, without a doubt, makes a difference.

The expo carpet is a carpeted material designed for practically all types of flooring that has personalized prints with which an image can be highlighted, such as the logo of a company. They stand out for the great resistance that allows them to be placed both indoors and outdoors.

Therefore, the installation of this type of carpet tile is quite simple. You simply have to adjust it to the surface where you want to place, and it can be with adhesive tape, glue or other similar materials. The use of auxiliary tools or materials is not necessary. The type of floor is the fundamental factor in choosing the best installation option.


So that your fair carpet is tense and in good condition for as long as you need, in Pavimentos DecoArt we give you some tips. Before installation, measure the pavement you want to cover and check the measurements of the carpet once you have received it. If everything is correct, start adhering the ends to prevent the corners from being raised and, finally, make a smoothing to eliminate imperfections. In just a few minutes, we will have installed the fair carpet.


Carpet Professionals For Events

Are you going to organize an event? Whether it is a fair, a congress, a wedding or a corporate presentation, nothing can be left to chance for everything to be perfect. In this sense, from AccessFloorStore.Com, we can help you find the fair carpet you need. We have a wide range of colors, textures and materials. Contact us!