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Glass Bottle Serve in China

2022/11/19 9:37:18

Raise a glass to our new Glass Bottle Serve package. It's a selection of our favorite craft beer, white wine and rosé in reusable glass bottles. We've made it easy for you to order this unique experience at your favorite location or have it delivered straight to your door!

Cheers to something different.

There are many reasons why serving beer and wine in glass bottles is great. The first is environmental: glass bottles are easily recycled, so they're better for the environment than plastic or aluminum.

Secondly, they're reusable! An old beer bottle can be used as a vase for flowers or a salad dressing container. When you buy wine at the store, it comes in a fancy bottle that looks great on display; when you finish drinking it all up (or if you want to save money), just wash it out and reuse it for another occasion!

Lastly, glassware is easy to find: there are tons of websites where you can order personalized glasses online. If you're having trouble finding a particular kind of glassware at your local retailer or restaurant supply store, try searching online instead—you might find exactly what you want without having to leave home!

Our Glass Bottle Serve package includes a selection of our favorite craft beer, white wine and rosé in reusable glass bottles.

With Glass Bottle Serve, you can enjoy a variety of craft beer, white wine and rosé in our favorite reusable glass bottles. Our reusable glass bottles are not only the most environmentally friendly option but also great for your health, community and the economy.

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How do we compare to other options?

Bottle vs Can:

  • Glass bottles are better for the environment because they use less materials than cans (no aluminum).

  • It’s easy to recycle or reuse glass bottles instead of recycling cans which have a lower market value than their raw material price.

  • It takes about 3 times more energy to manufacture one aluminum can than it does to produce one glass bottle!

Available for delivery and pick-up at select locations.

You can order online or by calling the store. You can pick up your order in the store, or have it delivered to your home. Delivery and pick-up are not available in all locations.

A glass bottle serve package is available for delivery or pick-up.

You can order a glass bottle serve package for delivery or pick-up. The package includes a selection of our favorite craft beer, white wine and rosé in reusable glass bottles.

This option is available at select locations only and must be purchased through the Mobile App or online at least 48 hours before your event start time (2 days for public holidays).


We’re here to help you make your next event a success. Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding, dinner party or business event, we can help you create an enjoyable experience for your guests. Our experienced bartenders are ready to serve up a selection of craft beer, white wine and rosé in reusable glass bottles that are sure to delight any palate!