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In Which Rooms Is It Better To Use Carpets?

2023/1/30 23:51:59

There are many options of light flooring, but carpets are still one of the favorites by far, although you think they went out of fashion it is not so. Therefore, we want to give you some ideas of which rooms it is better to use carpets, as well as tips for your choice. Read!



Inspiration For Putting Carpets At Home

Carpets are back in fashion, they are very different from the thin and faded carpets we remember. There are so many options that adapt to different styles, from very striking models to minimalist, others ecological or with a rustic style.

Before choosing a rug, first, think about what you will use the space for. Also consider what atmosphere you want to create if you want it to be an eye-catching or relaxing space. With this in mind, you can make a better decision. Also take into account how the carpet will look at different times of the day, depending on the lighting.

For example, if you will install carpet in an entrance or on the stairs. These are high-traffic areas; Therefore, the ideal would be to put carpets with wool hair with a compact loop or ones with a tight fabric, which is easy to maintain,

For rooms, wearing a single-color carpet may look old-fashioned. Unless you opt for textured materials, such as sisal or jute, which will help make the space look more eye-catching.

Believe it or not, you can add layers to the carpets and also colorful, putting on this decorative carpet. This will also serve to protect the areas of greater traffic.  Carpets with patterns are also a very good option for salons. You'll be able to set the color scheme for the rest of the space. Another way to use carpets is on the stairs, you can experiment with textures and colors in this area.


In Which Rooms Is It Better To Use Carpets?

There are rooms where it is a very good idea to use carpets at home, we will talk about the benefits of opting for this flooring.

Children's playroom

Children's rooms or playrooms are excellent spaces to put carpets. Children spend a lot of time on the floor playing, and if you put carpets you will not have to worry about them slipping or falling and hitting a hard surface. The carpets, in addition, are warmer. Therefore, children can play on the floor in winter, since it will not be cold. It will keep them warm while they play. The opposite of what would happen with ceramics or granite floors, which are very cold. For these spaces prefer carpets that are easy to clean, and that resist splashes.


The bedroom is one of the most common places where carpets are placed. The benefits are several, including:

l  They feel very soft and comfortable on the feet.

l  They are welcoming. Even carpets can be installed on underfloor heating.

l  They can add texture to the decoration.

In the bedroom it is an idea to install plush carpets, such as those made of extra soft nylon. Since you will walk around barefoot, they will feel very welcoming.


Lounges, living rooms, entrances, and home offices, are some of the places where it is more common to install carpets. A problem that arises at this point is that they are areas that receive a lot of traffic, so they wear out more easily. Hence the importance of choosing the carpet with the right resistance for the place where you will install it. In the living room, it is perhaps the place where it is best to install carpets, and, although we usually spend a lot of time in these spaces, we do it mainly sitting. So, in this area, there will be less wear than in corridors, for example. The carpets add a layer of softness, are cozy, and also absorb sound, which makes them ideal for spaces where you watch television or listen to music. In a room that connects to the outside, it is a good idea to install a polypropylene carpet that will not absorb moisture or discolor over time.


Puedes instalar alfombras en el comedor, es un buen espacio para añadir este tipo de pavimento. Aquí puedes optar por un pelo de nailon corto y denso, que facilite sacar las sillas y que vuelva a su lugar para evitar que se vean los huecos que dejan las patas de las sillas.

Si es posible, prefiere hilos que sean resistentes a las manchas y que eviten que los derrames penetren.


In corridors that are not in areas of high traffic, you could install carpets. In these spaces, the absorption of sound provided by the carpets will be very helpful. If someone wakes up very early or goes for water in the early morning, it will not disturb the rest of the family members.


Putting carpets on the stairs is an excellent idea if you have small children, when children are learning to crawl they are very curious about them.  Carpeting on stairs will help you avoid edges that can hurt children. It's even a good idea if there are older adults at home. It will make it easier for them to raise and lower them as they offer more grip and, if they fall, the blows will be less strong. You should always make sure that the carpet is well-installed and fixed, especially in spaces such as stairs and children's play spaces. Because if not, they could cause falls.


Where Is It Not A Good Idea To Install Carpets At Home?

In the kitchen it is not a good idea to install carpets, in this space it is better to put other types of pavements. And if you want to put area carpets in some spaces. It is not recommended to install carpets in the kitchen because in this space there are many spills of water and food. Therefore, the carpet can be stained very easily.

Bathrooms are other places where you don't want carpeting. These are very humid spaces that get dirty easily. You already know in which rooms it is better to use carpets and the advantages of opting for this pavement in these spaces of the house; also where you should not use them. Contact us if you want to buy cheap carpets.