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How To Choose Carpets For Commercial Spaces?

2023/1/30 23:50:02

If you are considering buying commercial carpets, you should know that it is important to choose the right product for what you need. Therefore, we explain how to choose carpets for commercial spaces. Read on to learn more!



Features Of Carpets For Commercial Use

Commercial floors should be different from those in homes because they receive more traffic and flow of people. Carpets can be an excellent option, especially those with short fibers, do not stain easily and are comfortable.

In general, carpets for commercial use are more durable, made to receive a lot of traffic, resist stains and require little maintenance. For all that, they are less soft than those of houses.

They have lower hair and are narrower. This allows them to withstand wear and tear without crushing.

These rugs are available in a variety of patterns and colors that adapt to different commercial spaces. Carpets can be used for building entrances, gyms, offices, shops, airports, banks and more.


How To Choose Carpets For Commercial Spaces?

A bar, a restaurant, a hotel, an office building, no matter what type of commercial property you have, hundreds, even thousands of people could walk through it every day.

Which means the carpet must be able to withstand heavy human traffic and conditions like splashes, dirt on shoes, and more. This implies that to decide on this soil you must look for one with good resistance and quality.

Here are some tips for choosing carpets for commercial spaces, offices, hotels and more:

Because if you spend less, it may wear out faster and you may have to replace it soon. If you spend more you will have a higher quality product, which will last longer.


Think About The Budget

When it comes to carpets for commercial uses, there is a wide range of prices. It is important that you think about the use they will give it, how long you would like to have it, this will greatly influence the cost. Because if you spend less, it may wear out faster and you may have to replace it soon. If you spend more you will have a higher quality product, which will last longer. So it is important to weigh the cost of replacement, over spending a larger amount as a first investment.


Consider The Type Of Fiber

Whether you are going to choose carpets for offices, hotels, cinemas or for a commercial premises. It is important that you decide the type of fiber, these must be able to withstand greater traffic than those at home.

l  Generally, carpets made of nylon, olefin or propylene are used. The latter two are the cheapest options, work well, and can handle a moderate amount of traffic. So, consider how much traffic you expect to receive to know the durability you will need.

l  Those of olefin and propylene are very good at resisting stains. Therefore, they can be a good option for cinemas, offices, among others.

l  Prolipopilene is also recommended for food stores as it resists mold, although it stains more easily than the other options.

l  For its part, nylon, also called polyamide, is a popular choice in commercial buildings, such as hotels or condominiums, it is chosen for its safety.

l  Polyamide is another very good option for carpets of benches and other commercial areas. They are durable, stain resistant and low maintenance.

l  Polyester is typically lower cost and serves both indoor and outdoor. Its fibers are very resistant to water and stains.


The Type Of Carpet

Another point to consider when choosing carpets for commercial spaces, before you decide on colors and patterns, is to think if you want tiles, complete or a combination of these.

If you have a small budget, or even if you want to install them as soon as possible, tiles will be the best carpet option. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more luxurious finish, perhaps a complete wall-to-wall carpet is the best option. It is also possible to combine both options.


Carpet Maintenance

It will not be the same to maintain carpets for hotels than those at home. Be sure to check the manufacturer's instructions on maintenance and also the warranties they offer.


Carpet Thickness

While carpets for houses are sought thickness and plush, carpets for party rooms or other commercial uses are sought the opposite. In this case the carpets should have short and dense fibers, to create a surface resistant to steps and even shocks. Low-pile carpets are ideal for a lot of traffic flow and resist wear and tear much better. They are durable, but this means that comfort has to be sacrificed, because they are harder for the footprints.


Design, Color And Patterns

There are many options for carpet designs, with different colors and patterns. It is important that before choosing the carpet for benches or other commercial spaces, you consider the lighting, also how much dirt you expect to receive, the latter to decide on a color that better camouflages the stains. If you expect the area to receive a lot of traffic or stains, it is best to opt for dark tones or patterns.


Why Prefer To Use Carpets For Commercial Spaces?

If you are not sure that carpets are the best option for your commercial space, here are some points in favor of this type of light pavement:

l  Durability: the fibers are stronger and denser, the short hairs allow the soil to receive a lot of traffic.

l  Price: If you're on a tight budget, carpeting is an excellent choice for commercial flooring. It is durable and you can find them in many colors and styles.

l  Maintenance: if you buy carpets of low hair, resistant to stains, cleaning them will be very simple. The basic thing will be to vacuum them regularly and the soil will look good for a long time.

l  Installation: carpets are very easy and quick to install, especially tiles. If they are by meters they imply a greater logistics of installation. The first option will allow you to save a little money.

Although not all are points in favor, the main negative point that many see to this type of carpets is that it is less comfortable than the residential option. But it will all depend on the type you choose. You already have a better idea of how to choose carpets for commercial spaces. If you want help making a better decision, contact us.