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Ceramic Raised Access Floor: Ideal Flooring Solution for Terraces and Outdoor Spaces

2023/3/28 22:30:46

Today, more than ever, we understand the importance of living in a home where we also have the opportunity to be outdoors. Whether it's large gardens, lavish decks, or small balconies, the outdoor space can become a green oasis of pleasure where you can enjoy moments of fun and relaxation. To make the most of the outdoor space, especially the deck, more and more people are choosing raised deck flooring as an advanced aesthetic and technical solution.

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Traditional Or Floating? This Is What Distinguishes A Raised Deck Floor

Whether it's a balcony, courtyard, or deck, all outdoor spaces are particularly complex to pave or renovate, as they are exposed to daily wear and tear caused by the elements. It is precise because of factors such as the succession of freezing and thawing phases that tiles laid directly on the substrate by means of a cement screed can be damaged even within a few years, as they are subject to continuous expansion due to temperature changes. The breakage of a tile inevitably leads to its replacement, but the new tile will also be subject to dangerous settling because it is glued to the screed which does not allow movement. Choosing a raised floor for terraces can be the most effective answer against this and all other critical problems caused by outdoor floors, especially when adopting the combined use of the raised system and porcelain stoneware.

Raised patio floors preserve the integrity of the slabs and keep the appearance of the outdoor space as beautiful as the first day and without blemishes. Raising the deck floor involves the dry installation of porcelain stoneware tiles on a modular structure that can be reconfigured at any time. This installation method creates a space between the original floor and the raised floor, so that all the cables and installations necessary for the configuration of the outdoor space, such as the irrigation network, rainwater drains or electrical and plumbing systems, can be placed under the new floor. The 20-millimeter thickness of the sandstone slab allows for a raised installation, and the technical compartment created becomes usable by simply lifting the slabs. The use of the raised floor for terraces allows the tiles to absorb the expansion movements caused by the temperature changes typical of the succession of seasons, as it does not require the use of adhesives but only the mechanical support of the tiles on the appropriate supports.


Ceramic Raised Floor For Terraces

Ceramic is the perfect choice for a raised floor for terraces, thanks to its technical and aesthetic characteristics that make it the ideal material for all outdoor environments, from attics to balconies and all outdoor areas subject to foot traffic. Raising the terrace floor with porcelain stoneware will be a versatile and ecological solution with high technical and aesthetic performance.

Unlike other materials such as natural stone, wood, or cement, porcelain stoneware is not porous and therefore does not stain, does not absorb liquids, does not crack, and is resistant to atmospheric agents, UV rays, blooming, mold, and moss. Among all the economic and functional advantages of ceramic stoneware for the installation of raised floors for terraces, we also find:

  • Resistance to temperature changes, expansion, and structural movement ;

  • Ease of installation, removal, reconfiguration, and reuse;

  • Ease of inspection and maintenance;

  • Ease of cleaning, without the need for seasonal maintenance;

  • Optimized energy performance;

  • Anti-slip and anti-scratch properties;

  • Cost savings;

  • Immediately walkable floor;

  • Material absorbs little heat and never burns;

  • The material does not change color or deteriorate over time;

  • The material is available in a wide range of finishes and meets all aesthetic requirements.


Raised floors for exteriors can be designed in the same way as those for interiors since the pieces adapt to the inclinations of the support without the need to cut them out. This mechanism allows the pieces to be installed at the same level as the rest of the floor, thus increasing the capacity of the space. In this way, the outdoor furniture is placed on the ground and completes the interior floor. In addition, rainwater is filtered through the joints and the entire drainage system is invisible, making maintenance of ceramic materials easier than that of wood planks. So ceramic raised floor is the ideal solution for terraces and outdoor spaces.