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Top 8 Tips in Choosing OA Raised Floor for Your Companies

2023/3/31 22:53:01

We have previously introduced the structure of OA floors (raised access floors), etc. This time, we will explain the key points for introducing OA floors. OA raised access floors can be classified by load-bearing capacity, usage, floor height, structure, etc. We will explain the key points for introducing OA floors in these categories.

OA Raised Floor.png

An OA floor is a floor for storing the wiring of OA equipment, and is also called a "double floor" or "free access floor". Also called OA floor. OA on the OA floor is an abbreviation for office automation, which means working using a computer in English. Especially in the office, there are various OA equipment such as personal computers, telephones, multi-function devices, etc., and there are many distribution wiring cords. OA floors are useful to prevent injuries and OA equipment failures caused by stumbling on wiring cords. In addition, by storing the wiring cord under the floor, the office will be organized and refreshing.


5 Advantages Of Choosing OA Raised Floors For Companies

Now that we have explained the features of OA floors, we will introduce the advantages of installing OA floors.

  • Advantage 1 of OA floors for companies: Easier layout, etc.

The more computers and other office automation equipment there are, the more wiring cords there will be. In a corporate office, rearrangement may occur when there are transfers or consolidation of departments.

Without OA flooring, wiring has to be unplugged and plugged in one by one, but if OA flooring is installed, the cable outlet can be changed, making it easier to layout desks and computers.

Carpet tiles sold by interior decoration manufacturers such as Sangetsu and Suminoe can also be laid freely. Tori also sells carpets specially designed for OA floors, so it is a good idea to check them out. You can even customize the interior design to make your office exactly the way you want it.

  • Advantage 2 Of OA Floors For Companies: Prevention Of Accidents Caused By Wiring

If wires and cables are left sticking out on the floor, there is a possibility that people may trip over them while walking. Naturally, people may get injured, and the impact of tripping over wires and cables may cause them to break, preventing breakdowns of office automation equipment and loss of data.

  • Advantage 3 Of OA Floors For Companies: Increased Motivation At Work

By storing wiring under the floor, the office can be kept clear and the internal environment can be improved. A well-organized office looks beautiful. Employees can work in such an environment safely and comfortably, which increases their motivation.

  • Advantage 4 Of OA Floors For Companies: Easy To Clean

If there is no OA floor and wiring and cables are running on the floor, vacuuming must be done carefully so as not to break or damage wires, making cleaning difficult.

However, by installing an OA floor and storing wiring and cables under the floor, it is easier to clean because the vacuum cleaner can be placed under desks and printers.

  • Advantage 5 Of OA Floors For Companies: Better Interior Appearance

As explained above, by installing OA floors, wiring and cables can be stored under the floor, making the interior of the office more organized, and the cable outlets can be freely changed for a more flexible layout.

In addition, after the raised floor panels are installed, flooring materials such as carpets and PVC tiles can be freely installed. As a result, the interior appearance of the office will be improved.


8 Points To Consider When Selecting OA Raised Floor

Here we introduce nine different ways to select an OA floor. In addition to the aforementioned materials, cost, installation conditions, time, and load capacity are also introduced with some notes.


  • Key Point 1 In Selecting OA Floor: Differences In Installation Period

Depending on the OA floor you choose, there is a difference in the installation period. The installation period differs between the laying type and the level-adjustment type. Although it varies depending on the floor, delivery route, construction conditions of the building, etc., it is said that it takes 1.5 to 2 times longer for the level adjustment type than the flooring type.

As mentioned in the characteristics section, the flooring type is pre-installed with legs, so the floor is marked out, installed, and that is it. On the other hand, the level-adjustment type requires a little more work, as the floor is first marked out for the support legs, the support legs are attached with adhesive, and then the panel is installed on top of the legs.


  • Key Point 2 In Choosing OA Floor: Understand The Conditions For Installation

Before installing an OA floor, it is necessary to check with the building management company. Since installation time, delivery routes, and available products may differ depending on the office building, it is necessary to confirm these conditions before selecting a product.

It is also necessary to check the ceiling height of the location where the product will be installed. Normally, the ceiling height is 2.5 to 2.6 m above the floor, and 2.8 to 3 m in large office buildings. This will give an oppressive feeling.

It is advisable to discuss these construction conditions with the management company and the interior decorator to make a decision.


  • Key Point 4 In Selecting An OA Floor: Understand The Load-Bearing Capacity

First, you need to understand the load-bearing capacity notation. In each manufacturer's catalog, there is a notation such as "load-bearing capacity:○○○○". This is a unit of strength that can be withstood per square meter.

  • This is a unit of strength that can be withstood per square meter; 1000N = 100kg. Therefore, it is best to recognize that 3000N is an OA floor that can withstand 300kg per 1.

  • The load-bearing capacity differs depending on the product of OA floor, so it is necessary to know the load-bearing capacity in advance. The load capacity of the resin flooring type is 2000-3000N, that of the concrete flooring type is 3000-5000N, and that of the level-adjustable type is 3000-5000N.

  • This load capacity should be considered depending on the fixture to be installed. As a rough guide, 3000N is for a typical office with storerooms and MFPs; 4000N is for larger storerooms, safes, and small server equipment; and 5000N is for a computer or server room.

  • 5000N is for a computer room or server room with large electronic equipment. It is often installed in banks and government offices.


  • Key Point 5 In Selecting OA Floor: Compare The Characteristics Of Materials

As mentioned in the section on the characteristics of OA floors, the flooring type is divided into resin and concrete, while the level-adjustable type is divided into steel and aluminum. The size is the same for all materials. As for weight, the resin type is the lightest and the concrete type is the heaviest.


  • Key Point 6 In Choosing OA Floor: Compare The Amount Of Wiring That Will Fit

The material and height can be determined according to the number of distributors you expect. For a general office with up to 50 people, the height of the floor is about 50mm for the installation type. For general office use with more than 50 people, it is advisable to choose a height of about 50mm or an adjustable level type for a stationary type.

For server rooms, the level-adjustable type is recommended. However, depending on the fixtures to be installed, the amount of wiring may not be as large as described above, so we recommend that you check once.


  • Key Point 6 In Choosing OA Floor: Differences In Wiring Methods When Selecting OA Floor

There are also differences in wiring methods. There are two types of wiring methods: one is to run the wires under the panel and the other is to run the wires along the panel.

In the method of running wires under the panel, the level-adjustable type and the laying type are supported. As advantages, it is convenient when wiring capacity is large and wiring flexibility is high. On the other hand, as a demerit, it is difficult to change the wiring after the OA floor is installed.

The wiring along the panel is supported by the groove wiring type among the flooring types. The merit is that it is easy to change the wiring after the OA floor is installed. On the other hand, the demerit is that the wiring capacity is limited and only wiring along the groove is possible.

Both methods are easier to wire when using OA taps and up sockets attached to the OA floor. OA taps are now available with USB ports and can also be installed on desks with magnets.


  • Key Point 6 In Choosing OA Floor: Know The Wiring Guidelines

The number of wires that can be wired is limited depending on the height and type of OA floor. If you have an existing OA floor, you can refer to a wiring diagram, try removing the carpet or panels yourself, or contact a wiring contractor.

You can remove the carpet and remove the panel by having tools and other equipment available. However, when removing the panel, you will need a special tool for opening and closing the lock nut for OA floors.