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Anti-Static Access Floor Maintenance Guide - How To Clean & Maintain Raised Floor Panels For Your Applications?

2019/8/12 17:19:20

The installation of raised access floor needs the participation of professionals. Later maintenance also has high professional requirements, and the raised floor maintenance cost is relatively high. Therefore, properly maintain raised floor system can ave cost for the use of floor. In additoin, periodic cleaning of the floor surface and subfloor area can increase the operating efficiency and reliability of equipment, and extends the life of the floor system. But in the daily use of the access floor, there are some phenomena that need to be avoided. Here will bring the guide to access floor panel maintenance, introducing you how to maintain/clean raised flooring system for your applications. 

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What Should Be Avoided For Raised Access Flooring Maintenance 

  • Water: Although the anti-static raised floor has certain moisture-proof ability, excessive liquid immersion or excessive humid air will cause the floor to swell and swell, resulting in swelling and deformation problems, which will seriously lead to the appearance of the floor discoloration, cracks and other symptoms.

  • Sunshine: Long-term direct sunlight will crack the surface of the raised floor. In use, we should avoid the direct sunlight. We can use curtains or choose rooms lacking natural light sources.

  • Oil stain: If the floor panel is contaminated with oil, surface deterioration will occur if it is not treated in time. It should be scrubbed carefully with diluted detergent and waxed to form protection.

  • Heavy scratch: The surface of the anti-static access floor is relatively fragile. You can't place heavy objects directly on the floor or scratch the floor with sharp objects. You should wear shoes and sleeves when entering the room to avoid sharp objects entering the classroom. The type of smooth bottom should be selected for chairs, tables, etc.

  • Low temperature and superheat: Low temperature and high temperature will damage the floor surface. High temperature over 60 degrees Celsius can deform the floor, and the heat of cigarette butts can directly leave scorch marks on the floor. Low temperatures can cause cracks in the floor.

  • Drying: The long-term use of air conditioners and heaters will make the indoor air abnormally dull, and the floor will easily lose its elasticity, thus causing the floor to produce voids.

  • Floor Wax: Choose the right floor wax. Before waxing, the access floor should be tested in a small area in the corner of the room or in an inconspicuous place, and then waxed for the whole access floor panels after confirming that there is no problem.

Access Floor Maintenance Tips - How To Maintain Raised Anti-Static Floor Panels

1. First of all, when we put heavy objects on the floor, we should try to avoid dragging the object on the floor, and the contact surface should not be narrow, otherwise it will bring great difficulties to the concentrated force of the board. If necessary, we can use the board to underlay it. If the concentrated force on the floor is too large, we should also consider using brackets in the middle to strengthen it.

2. When walking or working on the raised floor, don't wear metal shoes. It's also very bad to knock on the surface of the moving floor with sharp objects or hard objects. 

3. In order to keep the floor clean and shiny at all times, we also need to apply the corresponding raised access floor wax, If there is stain or dirt on the floor panel, you can gently scrub it with detergent, gasoline, or detergent.

4.The room temperature of the anti-static floor should be controlled at 15-35 degrees, and the humidity should be controlled at 45-75% RH.

5.The heavy equipment in the machine room should not be placed directly on the anti-static floor, which will easily cause the floor to be deformed due to long-term load-bearing. The correct way is to place the heavy equipment on the ground base.

6. It is forbidden to use sharp tools to disassemble and assemble anti-static floor. When disassembling and assembling is needed, suction plate should be used for operation.

7. During the maintenance of raised floor panel, vacuum cleaner or pier cloth should be used to clean the surface of the floor, and liquid should not be sprayed on the surface of the floor.

8. When mobile devices are on the floor, it is forbidden to push the equipment directly on the floor to prevent scratching the floor. The correct way is to lift the equipment for handling.

9. Periodically waxing and polishing anti-static floor maintenance work, the cycle is generally one year, the floor must be cleaned before this operation can be carried out.

Anti-Static Raised Floor Panel Cleaning - How To Clean Access Floor

Anti-static floor cleaning, first with a grinder and floor waxing water to clean the floor, and then with neutral detergent to clean the floor. After cleaning with clean water, the floor is quickly sucked dry by the water machine. After the floor is completely dry, uniformly coat with special anti-static electrostatic wax water.

Note: The access floor panel of the purification room is usually cleaned once every 60 days. It is necessary to uncover the access floor for cleaning and vacuuming. It is suggested that non-professionals should not uncover the floor in large areas. They should uncover the floor one by one at each interval and clean the floor one by one, and then do the next line of work after recovery.