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Raised Access Floor Selection Guide/Tips - How to Choose Right or Best Floor Tiles

2019/8/13 12:09:58

Now the floor is one of the must-have materials for modern home and building decoration, however, there are a variety of different floors on the market including hardwood, laminate, concrete, anti-static Raised Floors and more, with so many options, choosing right floors is not an easy thing. How to choose the best floor? Here brings you the raised access floor selection guide/tips and consideration factors.

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Raised Access Floor Selection/Picking Guide & Tips

What factors you should consider when choosing raised access floors?

There are various factors that need to think over in raised floor selection, including the following ones but not limited to this, you'd better refer to the floor selection guide and buy raised access floor based on your real condition.

  • Materials and applications. The access floor can be divided into many types according to the raw materials, covering laminate flooring, hardwood floor, bamboo floor, ceramic floor, all-steel access floor, concrete access floor, aluminum access floor, calcium sulphate floor, etc. Some floors consist of multiple materials. Generally, hardwood flooring is more common in home decoration and all steel raised floor is widely used in computer rooms or data centers. If your floor will be installed in high moisture environment, concrete or ceramic floor is an ideal choice. You need to choose the material you like, healthy, and ideal for your room firstly.

  • Color. The floor color is a very important factor to consider, there are a host of colors to choose from, you need to select a right one based on the overall decoration style of the building, make it looks natural and comfortable, don't choose the nondescript flooring product. In addition, the color of the individual raised floor and the overall effect are definitely different, you must choose carefully. Similarly, the veins and patterns should be taken into consideration as well.

  • Price. The raised access floor price on the market differs much. The famous brand would be more expensive than the common one, generally, you can choose the raised floor system according to your budget and application requirements, the medium brand access floor manufacturer with a good reputation is a good option. HuiYa as an experienced raised floor OEM enterprise, we always set the most favorable price according to the current market trends.

  • After-sale service. You need to pay attention to the service of the floor seller, good raised floor supplier will help you to choose the right floor product and complete the floor installation, maintenance and more, to save your money and time greatly.

How to choose best raised access floor tiles?

1. Consider the application and environment firstly. Different environment have different demands, especially the outdoor and indoor areas, for example, in the low traffic area, warmth and comfort are the key factors, access floor carpet is recommended. For the living room of youth family is suitable for imitation wood core laminate floor. Because the youth family is limited in economic capacity, and may have the child, the driving of the baby carriage, the use of toys, need great wear resistance and scratch-resistance of the access floor materials. 

2. Consider health and environmental performance. The biggest killer in decorative materials is free formaldehyde. If some flooring material exceeds the standard will be harmful to the human body, causes dizzy and nausea to a lesser degree, but malignant diseases such as leukemia when serious. Wood core access floor is one of the most healthy traditional floors, actually, with the development of environmental protection concepts, the modern flooring will basically conform to the green product requirements, HuiYa concrete access floor, calcium sulphate floor, and other floor panels, as well as raised floor covering, are all environmental-friendly.  

3. Consider installation and maintenance. If you have a professional installing team, you don't need to think much about the problem, but if not, you need to choose the floors that easier to install and know about the floor installation guide, acceptance criteria and more. Similarly, if don't want to maintain the raised floor too frequently or the environment has large traffic, the carpet is not recommended.

4. Consider the quality not only the price. The core material of high-quality floor has high density and uniformity, low formaldehyde emission, good moisture resistance, and no deformation; the core material of low-quality floor has low density, non-uniformity, easy deformation and short service time. You should choose the best quality raised access floor product within your budget, but the most expensive one is not certainly the best one, the above attributes need to consider. is a Chinese leading raised access floor system manufacturer with extensive experience in floor production, installation, and floor trading market as well as many standard certifications. We implement 100% factory quality inspection all the time. High quality but low cost raised flooring tiles for multiple applications are supplied here.