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Access Floor Loading Capacity, Features, Specifications - Understanding Technical Parameter/Loads In Raised Flooring System | China Access Floor Manufacturer HuiYa

2019/8/27 16:37:48

Before using raised floor system, in addition to consider the installation, maintenance, loading is also important. Load is the pressure that the floor can bear, it can be divided into cencentrated load, uniform load, impact load and ultimate load. Then what are the load ratings for raised floor? How load capacity for raised access floor is calculated? Here will present all types of raised access flooring design loads, features, specifications, technical parameter, and more products introductions.

Access Floor Loading Capacity.png

All-Steel Anti-Static Raised Flooring System

Components, Materials, Structure

HuiYa all-steel anti-static raised floor panel is made of high-quality alloy hard steel, which is stretched and spot-welded. After phosphating, the exterior is sprayed with foamed cement, and the interior is filled with foamed cement. The upper surface is pasted with HPL or PVC veneers with high wear resistance and linen surface, forming cement infilled conductive regular for four sides. 

The all-steel antistatic floor consists of floor, beam and support. The cross beam and its self-adjustable height support are bolted together to form a stable lower support system, and the floor is inlaid into the square enclosed by the cross beam.


1. All steel components, high mechanical strength, strong bearing capacity, good fire resistance.

2. Surface electrostatic spraying, soft, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion.

3. Adhesive decorative high-pressure laminates have excellent wear resistance and anti-static performance, anti-pollution, easy cleaning and strong decoration.

4. High dimensional accuracy, good interchangeability, flexible assembly and convenient maintenance.


The anti-static floor is widely used in computer room, satellite ground station computer room, radio control room, television transmitter control room, microwave communication station computer room, program-controlled exchange room, clean workshop, assembly workshop of electronic instrument factory, confidential optical instrument manufacturing workshop, hospital, school and other places with anti-static requirements.

Technical Parameter & Performance and Specifications

Type SizeConcentrated Load Impact LoadUltimated LoadUniform Load
FS668600 × 600 × 35

≥ 2990

670≥ 8890≥ 12500
FS800600 × 600 × 35≥ 3596670≥ 10799≥ 19796
FS1000600 × 600 × 35≥ 4498670≥ 13494≥ 23294
FS1250600 × 600 × 35≥ 5595670≥ 16797≥ 33084
FS1250600 × 600 × 35≥ 6693670≥ 20090≥ 42581
FS2000600 × 600 × 35≥ 8898670≥ 26685≥ 49784
FS2500600 × 600 × 35≥ 11093670≥ 33290≥ 58280

OA Raised Flooring System

Components, Materials, Structure

OA access floor using high-quality steel by stretch ingress molding, welding, spraying, filling with foaming cement filler, bracket is zinc-plated and cast aluminum alloy structure, height can be adjusted and self-locking. 


  • High mechanical properties

  • Wear-resisting and anti-corrosion on the surface

  • High dimensional accuracy

  • Good interchangeability

  • Convenient maintenance


OA raised floor design is widely used in office buildings, OA classrooms, dustproof and waterproof places.

Technical Parameter

Type SizeConcentrated LoadImpact LoadUltimate LoadUniform Load
FS668500 × 500 × 25≥ 2990670≥ 8890≥ 12500
FS800500 × 500 × 25≥ 3596670≥ 10799≥ 19796
FS1000500 × 500 × 25≥ 4498670≥ 13494≥ 23294
FS1250500 × 500 × 25≥ 5560670≥16680≥ 33000


Anti-Static Calcium Sulfate Raised Floor System

Components, Materials, Structure

The calcium sulfate floor is made from raw materials processed solidified into calcium sulfate crystals, and is made from non-toxic, unfloating plant fibers as a reinforcing material through a pulse suppression process. Covering with HDL melamine antistatic veneer, PVC, tile, carpet, marble or natural rubber, etc. The floor is surrounded by plastic edge-closing strips, and galvanized steel panels are generally used at the floor finish. Because of its advantages in environmental protection, fire prevention, high strength and smoothness, it has become the most widely used material in raised flooring. 


  • Environmental protection

  • Anti-static 

  • High load-bearing strength 

  • Beautiful and generous covering materials

  • Durable 


Calcium sulfate floor is widely used in high-grade occasions such as bank, telecommunication room, intelligent office, high-grade computer room and army command center.

Technical Parameter

Type SizeConcentrated LoadImpact LoadUltimate LoadUniform Load
FS1000600 × 600 × 32≥ 4498670≥ 13494≥ 23294


Aluminum Access Floor System 

Components, Materials, Structure

Aluminum access floor design is completely made of aluminium alloy by one-time negative pressure casting, which combines the corrosion resistance and high strength characteristics of aluminium. It has the characteristics of high dimensional accuracy, good electrical conductivity, good fire resistance, anti-magnetic, non-deformable and so on. Its performance is extremely stable, and it is the highest-grade product in anti-static floor.


  • Anti-magnetic 

  • Flame Retardant 

  • Anti-static performance will never decline 

  • Easy installation

  • Easy disassembly and refitting

  • Floor height can be arbitrarily selected and adjusted


Aluminum anti-static floor is widely used in military command, aerospace center, large-scale financial data processing center and ultra-clean workshop.

Technical Parameter

TypeSizeConcentrated LoadImpact LoadUltimate LoadUniform Load
FS800600 × 600 × 2530003000≥ 9000≥ 12500
600 × 600 × 3050005000
≥ 15000≥ 28598


Anti-static PVC Flooring System 

Components, Materials, Structure

The product is made of PVC resin as the main body, with conductive materials, stabilizers, plasticizers and colorants as auxiliary materials, and through special processing technology. The electrostatic conduction network formed between the interfaces of PVC particles has a permanent antistatic function. It looks like marble and has good decorative effect.


  • Anti-bacterial

  • Anti-skid

  • Sound-proof 

  • Excellent wear resistance

  • Anti-corrosive

  • Fire protection 

  • Colors can be customized according to customers' requirements 


HuiYa PVC anti-static floor is suitable for clean rooms with special maintenance or technical requirements, such as semiconductor, microelectronics, optics, aerospace, medicine, biotechnology and other industries.

Wooden Floor Access Floor System 

Components, Materials, Structure

Wooden raised floor used anti-flaming chipboard of high-density as base material. Static HPL and conductive PVC are allowed to be attached onto the surface. Its undersurface is sealed with superior zincing plates, and its edges are bonded with conductive rubbers. 


  • Applications: 

  • Anti-static

  • Anti-skid

  • Wear-resistant

  • Fire-proof

  • Moisture-proof


PVC anti-static floor is mainly used in large computer room, Communication Center room, various electrical control room, post and telecommunication hub and command center. 

Technical Parameter

TypeSizeConcentrated LoadImpact LoadUltimated LoadUniform Load
FSL800600 × 600 × 30≥ 3596670≥ 10799≥ 19796
FS1000600 × 600 × 40≥ 4498670≥ 13494≥ 23294
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