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What is the access floor design load?

2019/10/28 22:47:52

What is the access floor design load? The design load is the load that is expected to be applied to the access floor system in use. This is a manual stress test. Suppose we want to measure the load of the FS800. We estimate that the flooring product can withstand a load of 800 lbs. We applied 800 lbs of force through the machine to the raised access floor we tested. It is then compared through the CISCA raised flooring standard. If the floor is subjected to a force of 800 lbs, the amount of deformation of the raised floor is less than 2.5 mm. That means that this flooring product is qualified. Otherwise, if the deflections of the floor are over 2.5 mm, the raised floor is an unqualified product.

access floor design load

The design load is simply a control variable for raised floor systems. The degree of deflections of the access floor is detected with the same control force. The design load is based on the CISCA concentrated load test standard.