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25% Perforated Raised Floor
25% Perforated Raised Floor

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Perforated raised flooring Panel - a 24" x 24" raised access floor panel specially constructed to allow for air flow distribution from under the raised access floor. Load ratings are equal to full panels. Available with or without a damper for regulating air flow. Available with high pressure laminate surface covering to match full panels. Typically 25% of the surface is open area in a rectangular arrangement of small holes. Sometimes called a perf, an air flow panel, air tiles, perforated panels, air vents, and louvers.


Perforated raised flooring Case:


CHINA MOBILE (GUANGDONG) IDC DATA CENTER Project required an Calcium Sulfate Raised floor system and perforated raised flooring . Due to the IDC data center environment, the raised floor pedestal and stringer is used by Seismic pedestals and Bolted Stringer.

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Purpose & Size: 30,000m²

Duration: 5 Months

Completed January 2018

Access Floor System Used:

Calcium Sulfate raised floor system and perforated raised flooring with Seismic pedestals and Bolted Stringer at 600mm FFH


Project Features and Highlights:This project introduced a new concept combining Calcium Sulfate raised flooring with an perforated raised flooring system. and the 25mm foam panels were fixed with an adhesive to the underside of the access floor panels.