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Aluminum Conductive Vinyl Raised Floor
Aluminum Conductive Vinyl Raised Floor

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Aluminum Conductive Vinyl Raised Flooring Application

This access raised flooring system are widely used for Microelectronics, optoelectronic components factory, mobile phone, TV screen manufacturer, communication equipment, SMT workshop, arsenal, hospital operating room, laboratory OLED and other high-tech manufacturers.

Aluminum Conductive Vinyl Raised Flooring Performance & Characteristics

  • All aluminum composition, high mechanical strength, strong carrying capacity and good impact resistance; 

  • Surface electrostatic spray, soft light, wear, waterproof, fireproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion; 

  • Paste decorative high-pressure laminate, excellent wear resistance and anti-static performance, anti-pollution, easy to clean and decorative; 

  • High dimensional accuracy, good interchangeability, flexible assembly, convenient maintenance and long service life;

  • The floor can be cut freely, and the attachment is convenient; 

  • Four sides fixed, easy to install; 

  • The lower space can be used as air conditioning ventilation, and the ventilation plate can also be used to adjust the ventilation volume of the formation; 

  • For overweight equipment, as long as the bracket is added under the floor, the bearing problem can be solved; 

  • Easy to disassemble and assemble, as long as the decorative veneer is replaced, it can be reused; 

  • When installing the ground socket, you can make holes according to the specifications of the ground socket. 

Floor Assembly

It consists of floor, beam and support. The beam and its height-adjustable support are screwed into a stable lower support system. The aluminum raised floor is embedded in the square enclosed by the truss beam and the material is made of all aluminum.