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Anti Static HPL Raised Floor
Anti Static HPL Raised Floor

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Anti static HPL raised flooring


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HPL (melamine veneer) hard anti-static special fireproof board, which is made of phenolic and melamine resin treated with various special papers, and is made of thermosetting resin decorative laminate made of high temperature and high pressure. The use of nanotechnology in the resin to increase anti-pollution, wear resistance and long-lasting static charge elimination characteristics is a commonly used veneer in the anti-static floor industry. During use, the maintenance of HPL veneer is quite simple, and Surface wear resistance (high wear resistance of pitting surface), high temperature resistance, washing resistance, penetration resistance, dustproof, shockproof, fireproof, open flame, not easy to scratch, bright color, bright and flat, etc., widely used in electronics, telecommunications, medicine Monitoring and control rooms, dispatching offices, digital libraries, etc. in various industries such as program-controlled computer rooms, laboratories, universities, computer rooms, financial system digital libraries, national defense aerospace, military, television, electronic systems, telecommunications, mobile, etc. Anti-static and purification places are required, which are popular with the public and can be used as indoor and outdoor floor decoration materials.

It has long-lasting anti-static properties and stable electrical conductivity. This product uses an electrostatically conductive network formed by the interface of plastic particles with multiple patterns on the surface. The appearance resembles a marble pattern and has a good decorative effect. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, anti-static, aging resistance and low dust emission. All performance indicators have been tested by the Anti-static Supervision and Inspection Center of the Ministry of Information Industry to meet or exceed the level of similar foreign products. This product is suitable for the control of electronic factories, clean workshops, microelectronic plants, communications, electronics, microelectronics, hospitals, power plants and other industries. Machine room, clean room, etc., which require anti-static ground, are widely used in places such as anti-static.