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CZHUIYA Office Raised Access Floor
CZHUIYA Office Raised Access Floor

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The CZHUIYA office raised access flooring is designed to facilitate service distribution changes demanded by today's high office churn rates. The panels are fabricated to exacting tolerances from steel, welded to form a unitized shell, and then filled with a highly controlled mixture of cement. These rigid, solid panels create a solid floor that is free from any floor or plenum generated noise.

office raised flooring 

CZHUIYA office raised access flooring Features:


Easy panel reinstallation

Designed for use with PosiTile carpet tile

Lightweight cementitious fill makes panels solid and quiet

Interchangeable with other panel strengths

Excellent grounding and electrical continuity

Completely non-combustible

Class A flame spread and smoke development rating

Electrodeposition cathodic epoxy paint finish for lifetime protection

When constructing a large office areas, our featured used office raised access flooring are a perfect solution to save time and money. Having raised computer room access flooring installed in the office, reconfiguring the data cables and electrical wiring is now easy.  You can assure that are used computer room access flooring are made of the toughest components with structural strength.

What is office raised flooring

1. The connection of the panel on the office raised flooring. and the lower floor is made of the edge riveting structure, with no burr on the edge, which increases the edge strength of the plate and increases the adhesion of the edge coating.


2. Using die casting aluminum stents, good strength and stability, which are beneficial to the improvement of flat surface level.


3. The four corners of the panel are connected with the brackets with M6 screws, the positioning accuracy is high and the plate is stable.Cancel beams, easy installation and easy installation.


3. The four corners of the office raised flooring panel is connected with the brackets with M6 screws, the positioning accuracy is high and the plate is stable.