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GRC Omega Trunking Raised Floor
GRC Omega Trunking Raised Floor

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grc omega trunking raised flooring 


grc omega trunking raised flooring uses high quality cement and gypsum powder as main raw materials, combined With reinforcing fiber, not only keep the raw material it self superior fire resistance, more Raised the bearing of products. Because the floor did not use a metal material on the surface,The foot feeling is closer to the floor entity and creats a down to earth feel.grc omega trunking raised flooring is small size, light weight, not only can be more convenient in the construction,But also reduces the load of the raised floor system to the floor, making the service life of the Floor more durable.

grc omega trunking raised flooring plate is more light, combined with adjustable height, improves the space Utilization of underfloor wiring. Easy installation, high dimension accuracy and excellent Interchangeability. Recyclable, save resources and protect the environment.



Full steel encasement and good sealing.

Constituted by all steel sheet, good loading capacity.

High dimension accuracy and excellent interchageability.

Water-proof, fire-proof, antisepsis and sound insulation.

Elaborated made and good decorative effect.