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GTI EL5 CleanTech
GTI EL5 CleanTech

Sell Type: International business

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GTI EL5 CONTROL is a multi-layered looselay vinyl tile, 6 mm thick, reinforced with 2 glass fibre grids, available in square format with welded joints for clean environments and watertight systems requirements.

GTI EL5 CONTROL wearlayer is 2 mm vinyl homogeneous manufactured with continuous high pressure process, abrasion group P.

It complies with EN 649 and offers an outstanding resistance to traffic.

This floor covering is treated with Evercare™ technology: the latest improvements in polyurethane surface treatment obtained by UV laser cross-linking. Evercare™ offers easy maintenance and resistance against staining of chemical products used in healthcare like betadine, eosin or anti-bacterial hand gel; and decontamination protocols.

This treatment has excellent maintenance characteristics; it requires no wax for life!

The carbon encapsulated granules throughout its full thickness and the conductive backing and conductive surface treatment ensure optimal and consistent conductive properties throughout its full life expectancy.

·         5x104 ≤ Rt ≤ 106 according to EN 1081

·         Rt ≤ 108 according to CEI 61340-4-1

It has permanent antistatic properties.

  • <      2000V according to EN 1815

  • < 100V      according to CEI 61340-4-5

The product is non-emissive of volatile organic compounds with <10 µg/m3 (TVOC after 28 days ISO 16000-6).

Complementary finishes: GTI EL5 CONTROL ACCESS (access ramp), GTI EL5 CONTROL CORNER (corner finishes), GTI EL5 CONTROL coving (COVING / COVING CORNER IN et COVING CORNER OUT) and conductive welding rods (GTI EL5 CONTROL WELDING RODS).



Conductive Flooring
Commercial Flooring - ESD & Cleanroom Flooring
GTI EL5 is a unique and patented solution by Gerflor, offering all the benefits of a GTI Tile, and also specific features:

  • Electro conductive flooring

  • Evercare surface treatment (conductive version)


0354 Blue


0350 Light Grey


0351 Black


0352 Grey


0353 Beige

Documents Download
ESD Floor Solutions Guide

Download the guide to view full information of our all ESD Floor coverings, including all types of dissipative/conductive flooring, applications, benefits, production description, technical data, rolls and tiles, colors and more.

GTI EL5 CleanTech - Technical Datasheet

Download the document to view the Technical Data of ESD Conductive Floor Covering - GTI EL5 CleanTech, including thickness, weight, tile size, classification, performances, environment/indoor air quality.

GTI EL5 CleanTech - Fire Certificate

Download the Fire Certificate - Reaction To Fire Classification Report (Notification by French Government to the European Commission)

GTI EL5 CleanTech - Installation Guidelines Contract

Download the guidelines to learn how to install the GTI EL5 CleanTech Conductive Floor Covering without coving and with coving