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Office Raised Floor
Office Raised Floor

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office raised Flooring systems

office raised Flooring systems is made of quality steel plate, which is stretched forming, point welded and plastic sprayed with bubble cement filler filled in its inner cavity. The fire-resistant decoration plates that can endure high temperature adhere to its surface with conductive chips embedded around it. The pedestals and cross beams are wholly plated with zinc and the height of pedestals is adjustable and can be self-locked.

Office raised flooring (29)

Raised Floors Systems From HUIYA  Can:

Reduces your space churn costs by up to 50% !

Speeds up occupancy with easier wiring & cabling access

Concrete, steel, wood, carpeted & more finishes

Ideal for casinos, data centers, libraries, office & commercial spaces

Eliminate suspended ceiling requirements

Drastically reduce duct work for air distribution

Reconfigure your space with ease!

Different Raised Access Floors Finishes

We offer a host of raised floor finishes to choose from, letting you match the flooring with your architectural vision. The result is a stunning convergence of style and form.

Our raised floor panels are built upon solidly-engineered wood core or steel backings to ensure durability and strength.