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Raised Floor Round Grommet

Raised Floor Round Grommet


Round raised floor grommets, all can be called round cable grommets for access floors, circular floor cable grommets, round floor wire boxes, or floor mounted grommets, with strong structure and unique design, the raised floor round grommets is used for running the wiring system under your access floor and improve the cooling device efficiency and airflow management in some applications with wire management requirements like data center. Here we want to introduce is the Raised Floor Round Grommet or Circular Floor Cable Grommet, which is a type of round grommet without brush strips.

HuiYa Raised Floor Round Grommet - Circular Floor Cable Grommet 

The round cable grommets for raised access floor system provided by is a convenient and cheap flooring accessory does great effects on the existing or new flooring system, it's easy to produce and install as well, you would have known about the basic function of the cable grommets, this kind of access floor round grommet without brush strips are more ideally for relatively thicker wires to pass through the floor, but it can completely close the opening and prevents objects dropping into the underfloor, reduces bypass airflow and ensure the maximizing utilization of the equipment, become the first choice for your facility.


The dimensions of the raised floor round cable grommet have multiple options, we can customize the raised floor round wire grommet according to your requirements. Our common size is 210mm*280mm*45mm.

Characteristics, Features & Benefits 

  • Suitable for thicker wires

  • Takes little space

  • Improves the cooling unit capacity and efficiency

  • Improves the airflow management 

  • Extend the lifetime of IT equipment

  • Convenient to install and remove

  • Allows hole saw installation

  • No loose or partially fastened parts

  • Durable and corrosion resistance

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