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Round Floor Swirl Diffuser
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Round Floor Swirl Diffuser

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Round Floor Air Diffusers - Swirl Diffuser For OA Raised Floor Systems

Round Floor Air Diffuser is belonged to the underfloor swirl diffuser category is installed on the raised floor panels for air delivery and comfort condition. It is inserted into the underfloor air handling space of raised floor system by being mounted into access floor panels with a clamping plate and screws, delivers conditioned air from pressurized plenum into the workspace. So it is ideal for places where the best levels of comfort are desired in temperature and acoustics, such as raised access flooring systems commonly used in large offices, commercial areas, etc. 

Round Floor Air Diffuser - Huiya Raised Floor Swirl Diffuser.jpg

Huiya Round Floor Air Swirl Diffusers For Raised Access Floor

Huiya Round Raised Floor Swirl Diffuser is constructed of a durable, high impact, polycarbonate material and is strong enough to sustain busy traffic. Our round floor air diffusers are equipped with a supporting ring (two version area available: for supported raised access floor panels and subfloor floors) which allows easy access to internal components for cleaning and maintenance and guarantees even a lit walking surface without the risk of shooting at uneven surfaces or dirt settling on the diffuser. 

Round Floor Air Diffuser Specifications


Outside Circle Diameter: 230mm

Round Floor Air Diffuser Specification - Outside Circle Diameter.jpg

Inside Circle Diameter: 200mm

Round Floor Air Diffuser Specification - Inside Circle Diameter.jpg

Air Diffuser Part 1:

Raised Floor Swirl Diffuser Part 1.jpg

Air Diffuser Part 2:

Raised Floor Swirl Diffuser Part 2.jpg

Our Air Diffuser Packaging Size and Weight:

Pack Size: 250mm x 250mm x 150mm

Raised Floor Air Diffuser Packaging Size.jpg

Pack Weight: 1.3KG

Raised Floor Air Diffuser Packaging Weight.jpg