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Single Zone Opposed Blade Damper
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Single Zone Opposed Blade Damper

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Single Zone Opposed Blade Damper - Raised Floor Blade Dampers

Single Zone Opposed Blade Damper (OBD) is a kind of air regulator which are attached to and cover the entire bottom side of the raised floor airflow panel or grille, to offer accurate airflow balancing for IT equipment. With the drop-in design, the Opposed Blade Air Flow Control Dampers can be easily installed or decouple, allow precise adjustment of air quantity through the perforated airflow panels to balance the airflow, provide dramatic airflow improvement.

Benefits of Using Single Zone Opposed Blade Damper In Raised Floor System

  • Regulate airflow through all perforated panels, airflow grilles, and diffusers

  • Permits equal distribution of air over the entire face of grille or panel with opposed blade action

  • Providing consistent air circulation in order to maintain a comfortable temperature and healthy environment

  • Conducive to Underfloor Air Condition for raised floor, as well as fire and dust-prevention of the entire environment

  • Decrease in wasted energy being sent to unoccupied rooms and subsequent reduction in energy costs

 Single Zone Opposed Blade Damper - Raised Floor Blade Dampers.jpg

Huiya Raised Floor Single-Zone Opposed Blade Dampers Improve Airflow Effectively

Huiya is a professional leading supplier of Single Zone Opposed Blade Damper assembled to raised floor airflow panels. To improve the raised access floor system’s airflow and reduce energy consumption effectively for a long time, we manufacture Single Zone Opposed Blade Damper with the top grade selected materials and are available with diverse specification options to meet any application on the access floor. Huiya Raised Floor Opposed Blade Dampers provide superior air control, high performance, and sustainable energy efficiency. 

Specifications & Features

  • Excellent Materials: Anodized extruded aluminum

  • Dimensions: 570x570x4.5mm (customized sizes accepted)

  • Airflow adjustable range: 0-100% range of damper from wide open to 25% of wide open

  • Application: Designed for 600x600mm raised floor perforated panels with diverse airflow ratings which are mostly used in data center, computer room, network server room, clean room, electronic workshop, and occasions that require air conditioning.


  • Durable, high strength, anti-corrosion and withstand extreme conditions

  • Nearly infinite range of adjustment and very little airflow resistance

  • Provide superior metering and control with minimal disturbance of the air pattern

  • Easy to install, retrofit and remove from the panels with drop in design

  • Easy to adjust from above without removing the perforate panel

Dependable quality, profitable price, reliable delivery, and knowledgeable follow-up service are waiting for you, welcome to send us your inquiry to us, we will help you get the best airflow raised floor system for your project.