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The Perforated Raised Floor
The Perforated Raised Floor

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A perforated raised floor is an elevated floor that is built two inches to four feet above a concrete floor. It creates a space that can be used for cooling, electrical, and mechanical services. In data centers, the perforatd raised floors are also used as a plenum chamber to distribute cold air. By using this perforated raised floor, you will not only reduce the amount of air needed, you will require less energy and improve temperature distribution across all of the cabinets.

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The installation of a raised floor system can change the thermal behaviour of the building by reducing the interaction between heat gains and the thermally massive concrete slab,according to Influence of raised floor on zone design cooling load in commercial buildings.


HPL/PVC Type Steel Perforated Raised Floor is composed of panels, pedestals, stringers and screws. The stringers and pedestals are vertically adjustable and are secured with screws to form the stable bottom bearing. The elevated floors are then inlaid into the grid which is formed when connecting the stringers.