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Vinyl Carpet Raised Floor
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Vinyl Carpet Raised Floor

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Commercial PVC Carpet Raised Access Floor - Vinyl Carpet Raised Floor Panel

As vinyl carpets are widely used in offices, hotels, shopping malls, exhibition halls, showrooms, stages, and other commercial places, in order to meet the needs of customer needs, our raised floors have also been innovative in this regard - this is our vinyl carpet raised floor! In addition to the appearance and texture of textile carpets, it also has excellent characteristics and use-value of vinyl, easy maintenance, and durable. This innovative Vinyl PVC Carpet Raised Access Floor Panel combines the tensile strength of steel with the compressive resistance of cement to create the solid fully steel encapsulated elevation structure and then using PVC carpets with both aesthetics and practicality as a finish, all that meets the customer's pursuit of cost-effectiveness, durability, and efficiency.

Steel encapsulated cement raised access floor with vinyl carpet

Vinyl Carpet Access Floor Panel Specification

  • Panel Size: 600mm x 600mm

  • Panel Thickness: 35mm

  • Panel Core: 0.4mm Steel encapsulated and cement injection

  • Top Surface Finish: 2.0mm/3.0mm commercial PVC

  • Bottom: 0.5mm galvanized steel protects the raised floor panel from moisture and improves mechanical performance

Vinyl Carpet Raised Floor - HUIYA PVC Carpet Access Floor.jpg
Commercial PVC Carpet Raised Access Floor Panel Bottom

Vinyl Carpet Access Floor Panel Applications

  • Workplace: Offices, Meeting Rooms, Assembly Rooms, Common Rooms, Broadcasting Rooms, Television Studios, Stage and Studio Rooms

  • Commercial Area: Shopping Centers, Show Rooms, Banks, Sales Areas, Hotels, Exhibition Halls

  • Recreation and Culture: Museums, Cinemas, Theatres, Casinos

  • Education: Libraries, Schools, Teaching Buildings, Training Centres

  • Public Spaces: Court Houses, Government Buildings

PVC Carpet Raised Floor Features

  • Solid loading capacity with steel encapsulated cement core

  • Sturdy and wear-resistant thanks to PVC carpet finish

  • Unbeatable stability and robustness

  • Great abrasion resistance

  • High sound absorption

  • Maximum fire rate resistance

  • Unalterable to humidity and temperatures

  • Ease of installing, maintaining, and cleaning

With significant-high resistance to fire and loads as well as outstanding acoustic absorption and inalterability under moisture, Huiya steel encapsulated cement raised access floor with vinyl carpet finish is conceived for medium traffic offices, commercial and public spaces! Welcome to choose our commercial vinyl raised floor panels for your projects!