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Advantages of Raised Floor Edge Trim (Access Floor Panel Conductive Edge Banding)

2019/12/7 13:43:44

Many raised access floor tiles have a black or brown edge band on the four sides, especially anti-static raised floors. Why the edge trim is individually banded on access floor panel, and what is its special function? Follow us to check out the advantages of Raised Floor Panels with edge banding!

What is Raised Floor Edge Trim?

Despite there are edgeless raised access floor tiles, many raised floor panels are produced with plastic trim (band) on each edge, a conductive edge banding. So actually Raised Floor Edge Band is a thin black or brown plastic extrusion which is applied to the edge of the panel to protect the surface covering from chipping. The conductive edge trim not only provides good physical protection for the edge of the access floor panel but also effectively maintains the integrity of the raised floor system. It is suitable for bonding to every type of raised floor panel, whether it is particleboard, all steel or calcium sulfate. 

Advantages of Raised Floor Edge Banding

The main function of the raised floor conductive edge trims is to better protect the integrity of the floor and enhance the conductive performance.

1. The conductive edge band enhances the sealing of the entire elevated floor system so that when the floor is subjected to friction and heavy pressure, it prevents the gap between the floors from being generated, and the floor system is broken and leaks.

2. The conductive edge trim has a good conductive effect, which effectively enhances the effect of the anti-static raised floor dissipating static electricity.

3. The conductive edge strip not only provides physical protection for the edge of the tile, but also creates a unique look that helps blend the access floor grid to look like a custom tiled surface.

Common Raised Access Floor Trim (band) Types

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Huiya Access Floor System - Composite Raised Floor Panel.jpg

PVC Edge Trim

PVC Edge Trim is made of Polyvinyl chloride which has high hardness, and outstanding tensile strength. PVC is self-extinguishing by nature, has a high resistance to acids, humidity, solvents, heat/low temperature, impact deformation, the ideal choice for those looking for the right balance between quality and price.

ABS Edge Trim

The main material of the ABS conductive edge strip is an acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer, so it is abbreviated as ABS. ABS is a thermoplastic polymer industrial material with excellent impact resistance, toughness, scratch resistance, shock absorbance and heat resistance, which is widely used in various industries. ABS edges have much higher thickness than PVC edges, so its stability against temperature can be higher.

With the above benefits of Edge Trim, Raised Floor with edge banding is widely using for many applications, such as cleanroom, data center, computer room, server room, and some top-class offices. From Huiya - China Top Grade Raised Floor Manufacturer, you order the best top quality Raised Access Floor Tiles with edge trim.  

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