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Difference Between Anti-static Raised Floor With Edge Trim & No Edge Banding

2019/12/8 22:25:00

All-steel anti-static floor is a kind of raised floor with high wear-resistant HPL anti-static finishes, divided into edge banded and no edge banded, and they are widely used in computer room raised access floor systems. Each of these two all-steel anti-static access floors has its own characteristics and advantages. Anti-static Raised Floor with edge trim or no edge banding, which one you should choose for your project? Follow us to check out!

Anti-static Raised Floor With Edge Trim.jpg

Difference Between Anti-static Raised Floor With Edge Trim & No Edge Banding

1. Structure

Structure of Raised Floor With Edge Trim - Conductive edge trims are embedded around the floor panel, which is commonly used in computer rooms and monitoring rooms

Structure of Raised Floor With No Edge Trim - There are no conductive edges around the floor, thickened plate-based steel plate, and HPL surface finish, and the seams between access floor tiles are very fine after paving, which is suitable for all kinds of high-end computer rooms.

2. Conductive Effect

Raised Floor With Edge Trim - Use the conductive edge banding embedded around the floor to conduct electricity for a better anti-static effect. The resistance value of the antistatic system of the floor is 105 ~ 109Ω, and the resistance value of the conductive edge strip is 105 ~ 109Ω. The conductive edge trim and the access floor pedestal, strings and grounding system constitute a perfect conductive system.

Raised Floor With No Edge Trim - Without the help of conductive edge trim, the anti-static floor cannot be connected to the grounding system, so the conductive effect is lower than the access floor with edge trim.

3. Price

Based on the same parameters, the anti-static access floor with no edge band is slightly higher, and the installation cost is higher than that of the anti-static raised floor with edge band.

4. Installation

Edge Banded Anti-static Raised Floor - Easy to install and less difficult, no need to worry about the gap between the raised floor tiles, it can well seal the entire access floor system. Check out the advantages of Edge Trims for Raised Floor.

Anti-static Raised Floor With No Edge Trim - Installation is more difficult, requires a higher level of flatness, and requires experienced installers to adjust the crevice between the panels to the minimum to meet the sealing requirements of the raised floor system, so the installation cost is higher.

5. Overall appearance

Edge Banded Anti-static Raised Floor - Because it has black or brown conductive edge trims, after installation, the bottom surface shows black and white staggered lines, which affects the look and feel.

Anti-static Raised Floor With No Edge Trim - better overall floor

6. Maintenance

Raised Floor with Edge Band - Avoid damaging conductive edge strips during maintenance, especially when moving the floor for cable adjustment.

Raised Floor with no Edge Band -Care must be taken to prevent the panel from being damaged during maintenance because the four sides of the panel and the veneer are not protected by edges.

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