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Vinyl Flooring Cleaning & Care Tips - How To Clean, Maintain and Protect Vinyl PVC Floor Tiles Properly?

2019/12/30 20:04:32

Vinyl flooring is one of the most popular flooring materials in commercial and private living spaces due to its good value for money, diverse design, sturdiness and easy care. In order for vinyl to maintain its beautiful appearance and maintain the quality of the floor, as shiny as the first day, vinyl flooring still needs to be properly cleaned and maintained regularly. But how should you clean and maintain vinyl flooring? Can I use any cleaner to clean the floor? Or will abrasive cleaners attack and damage the floor? Our guide of Vinyl Flooring Proper Care and Cleaning gives you important information and cleaning tips on this subject, so cleaning can be done quickly and the vinyl flooring always looks very smooth.

Vinyl Flooring (PVC Floor) Cleaning Tips.jpg

What Kind of Cleaner To Use For Vinyl or PVC Floor Cleaning?

Vinyl flooring is water repellent and resistant to most acids, bases, alcohols and oils, as well as short-term resistance to chemical corrosion. So can we use any cleaner to clean PVC floors? The answer is no, not all cleaners are suitable for vinyl flooring tiles. Improper reagents can cause permanent damage to the floor or alter the surface.

Suitable Cleaners or Additives for Cleaning Vinyl Flooring Tiles:

  • Vinyl or PVC floor cleaners

  • Mild multifunctional cleaner

  • Neutral cleaner

  • Soft soap

  • Citric acid

  • Vinegar

  • Glass cleaner

Unsuitable Cleaners for PVC Flooring Tiles:

  • Clean with solvents or bleach because these cleaners can cause discoloration and attack vinyl floors.

  • Boil milk and detergent. They may damage the floor surface due to scratching.

  • Never use steam cleaners to clean vinyl floors. The floor is too wet to swell.

  • Pot cleaning sponges for removing stains are also contraindicated, so they can quickly scratch the floor.

  • Fabric softeners can cause smooth surfaces.

How To Clean Vinyl Floor (PVC Flooring)?

Due to its surface texture, vinyl flooring is easy to clean. Depending on the load on the floor, regular dry cleaning or wet cleaning is recommended.

Dry Clean With a Broom or Vacuum Cleaner

Like cleaning a smooth, hard floor, you can use a vacuum cleaner or broom to sweep the PVC floor quickly and effectively to remove loose dirt such as dust, fluff, sand, small stones, debris, etc. that can cause scratches. For dust and fine sand, use a vacuum cleaner to prevent dust from flying and settling elsewhere. The vacuum cleaner has a special brush attachment that can be gently slid on the floor to avoid scratching. This also applies before wet cleaning on the floor, otherwise, these loose dirt may later scratch the floor during wet wiping. Use a commercial broom to remove coarse dust. Such cleaning should be done regularly to maintain the aesthetics of the design coverings and to improve the indoor air.

Wet Clean with a Rag or Mop

Dry cleaning with a broom or vacuum cleaner can remove scattered dirt on vinyl flooring, but if dust and stains adhere to the vinyl floor especially ESD Vinyl Flooring Tile in data center, you need to wipe the floor thoroughly with a wrung wet cloth. To better loosen dirt from the floor, give a little cleaner or multi-purpose cleaner to the water. Depending on the frequency of use and soiling, wipe the vinyl floor with a damp cloth every week or every two weeks. Dilute cleaning water with a general or neutral detergent at a ratio of 1:10. Wipe with a mop or cloth, and then wipe directly with water to prevent these cleaners from remaining on the floor. A little vinegar can be added to the water, which not only has a disinfecting effect and prevents scratches.

PVC Floor Cleaning Important Tips:

  • It is advisable to give your PVC floor a thorough maintenance immediately after laying, as this will make the floor less susceptible to dirt and scratches.

  • Wipe the vinyl floor with a damp cloth. The mop or rag (sponge) should be wrung out. Even though vinyl flooring is water-resistant, it can swell if cleaned too wet and if left in one place for too long.

  • Ensure that there is adequate ventilation during and after cleaning to prevent moisture from escaping.

  • If possible, avoid using the rough side of the sponge. Cleaning may cause slight scratches and gloss differences.

  • As with clothing, upholstery, carpets, etc., stains on the vinyl floor should always be removed as quickly as possible, because the sooner they are treated, the easier and better they can be removed. Drying and fixing is not possible at all! By acting quickly, permanent damage to the vinyl can be avoided.

How To Remove Stubborn Stains On Vinyl Flooring?

Most stains and edges (eg from spilled drinks or food) will be removed with normal damp cleaning. Old, dried and stubborn stains can otherwise be rubbed off with a clean and slightly damp microfiber cloth and a little washing-up liquid or a soft brush. Instead of detergent, you can also rely on the good old household remedies such as soft soap, vinegar essence or citric acid. If the stains are extremely extreme and cannot be removed, you will surely succeed with special cleaners for vinyl floors. The sooner you remove stains from the floor, the better. So they have no chance to dry up and get stuck.

How To Remove Stain On Vinyl Floor Tile?

You can remove ink, tomato and blood with diluted alcohol. Pen and color stains can be rubbed off with white spirit. Use contact times between five and twenty minutes and always wipe with clear water.

How To Remove Scratches On Vinyl Floor (PVC Floor)?

Not everyone takes off their shoes on the doorstep. The result is unsightly stains on the vinyl floor from shoe wear that are difficult to remove. A colorless eraser works wonders. It can be used to erase shoe abrasion like a pencil. Important! The eraser must be colorless in order not to cause new marks on the vinyl design floor.

How To Refresh Your Vinyl Floor (PVC Floor)?

For stubborn discoloration that cannot be removed by regular cleaning or if the floor has lost its shine, it is worth carrying out thorough cleaning. To do this, mix your all-purpose cleaner in a ratio of 1: 3 or more, apply it to your floor and let it work for about 10 minutes. Then remove the residue from your floor covering with a scrubbing brush. Use a wiper to remove the loosened dirt and carry out initial care again.

If there are only stubborn stains in some areas, simply apply your cleaner undiluted, leave it on for 5 minutes and work in the product with a soft brush or sponge, depending on the surface of the floor. Then wipe up the dirt with a rag and wipe it with clean water.

How To Protect Vinyl Flooring (PVC Floor)?

In order to prevent the floor from being too dirty, not scratched and stressed, various precautions can be taken. Tips for handling, cleaning and maintaining vinyl flooring:

  • Perform initial care after installing Vinyl Floor. Related Read: How To Lay ESD Vinyl Flooring

  • Place the shoe cleaner (doormat for collecting particles) at the entrance of the place (in front of the door of the house or apartment)

  • Avoid walking on vinyl floors with street shoes or shoes with black soles and wear slippers

  • Remove dirt in time, always dry the floor first, and then wet it if necessary

  • Use only suitable cleaners and cleaning utensils

  • Felt pads for cabinets, chairs and table legs

  • Wipe off spills immediately

  • Immediately and properly remove stains, do not use decontamination pads or abrasives

  • Don't walk around the floor with dogs or cats, as paws can scratch the floor

Proper cleaning and maintenance will surely make vinyl floor use for a long time, and the service life can be extended. If you want to check out more knowledge and information about Vinyl flooring, welcome to check out our Huiya Raised Floor News.