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Raised Floor Pedestal Adhesive Use Guide - How To Fix Pedestal To Ground (Concrete Slab)?

2020/5/12 19:58:12

In order to get the most stable raised floor system, the base of the raised floor pedestal must be firmly fixed to the ground, this is where the pedestal adhesive works. If you need high-strength raised floor pedestal glues for the installation or manufacture of raised access floor systems, Huiya's latest Epoxy Mortar pedestal adhesive combination is your ideal choice. In this article, we will show you how to use our Epoxy Mortar pedestal adhesive products to quickly and firmly bond your raised floor support base to the floor and never separate!

Raised Access Floor Pedestal Adhesive Application Guide

Our Epoxy Mortar pedestal adhesive series is a mixed product, divided into PART A and PART B. Before installation, you need to understand the following technical parameters and environmental requirements, so as not to cause the material waste or fail to achieve the ideal bonding effect.

Pedestal Adhesive Technical Specifications:

  • Coverage: A set of 7kg of Epoxy Mortar glue can fix approximately 100-130 pedestals under normal installation conditions.

  • Pot Life: 60-90 minutes at 28℃

  • Hard Set Time: 6 hours at 28℃

  • Full Cure Time: 7 days at 30℃or 14 days at 20℃

  • Water Resistance: Less than 0.5%absorption within 24 hours immersion

  • Mix Ratio: Part A - Epoxy Resin 4.5 kg, Part B - Curing Agent 2.5 kg

Worksite Surface Requirement:

All surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and should be free from dust, dirt, grease and impurities before application. Users must apply proper cleaning methods at the worksite, according to the following procedures:

  • 1. Remove all dust by brushing, vacuum cleaning or wet mopping

  • 2. Scrape away loose masonry

  • 3. Use chemicals to takeaway grease and oil

Application Method - Detailed Steps To Stick The Support Pedestal To The Ground Slab

Step 1 - Prepare Clean and Flat Surface

Make sure the venue is available for pedestal installation. Confirm that the floor is dry, free from oil, dust and loose contaminants. The floor should always first the sealed with Epoxy Primer before the application of other sealants.

Step 2 - Mix Epoxy Mortar Adhesive

Part A of our pedestal Epoxy Mortar adhesive is packed in a wide-mouth tin that enables users to easily sample the adhesive directly on the pedestals. Part B is packed in an 18kg rectangular tin. Pour 2.5kg of Part B into 4.5kg of Part A and mix thoroughly with a mechanical stirrer for 1-2 minutes until the mixture is uniformed.

Step 3 - Apply The Mixed Glue Immediately

To achieve the best application results, use the mixture immediately because it will start to harden in about 60 minutes. Don’t use partially hardened adhesive for your raised floor pedestal, it would not guarantee secure.

Step 4 - Installation and Setting

Secure adhesive laden pedestal gently rubbed onto the floor with a circular motion to displace air. Then, press the adhesive in the correct position. 

Step 5 - Waiting for Solidification

If the pedestal needs to be relocated, additional fresh adhesive must be used. Allow to set at least 7 days at 30℃or 14 days at 20℃ before testing and checking if it is bonded successfully.

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