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Most Widely Used Raised Floor Systems - Huiya Top Selling Access Floor Panels In Global Market

2020/5/16 19:10:31

With the development of science and technology and the development of high-tech industries, high-quality energy-saving and environmentally-friendly raised floors have become the theme of development. Many access floor manufacturer have worked hard on innovating from the source of materials to series of mechanical processing to save resources and achieve sustainable development, Huiya is no exception as a leader in raised floors from China. Therefore, our multi-type raised floor system has been favored and praised by customers in Malaysia, Indonesia, Dubai, Central and South Asia, Middle East and Europe countries. The following is an analysis of the characteristics and market development of the three most popular types of HUIYA raised floors.

All Steel Raised Floor System Features & Market

All steel access flooring has gone through a process from the computer room demand of administrative institutions to the large area demand of industrial enterprises' automation control, and then to the scale application of intelligent buildings and various office spaces. Because of its anti-static function and great cable management under the floor, it has driven the market demand for the entire raised floor. Therefore, steel raised flooring will usher in an unprecedented development opportunity due to its high cost performance.

All Steel Anti-Static HPL Raised Floor.png

  • Design: The unique structural design of the alloy steel floor adds 32 bumps to the traditional spotting bottom sheet with 64 bumps, which solves the shortcoming of the relatively weak flat area at the bottom of the ordinary floor and enhances the overall load of the floor. , Limit load, and uniform load.

  • Technological: The alloy steel floor improves the previous technology. The alloy steel floor must be reshaped after stamping and welding to ensure the floor shape is accurate and sufficient surface smoothness.

  • Structural: All corners of the alloy steel floor have a total of 60 welding points, which is 50% more than the ordinary alloy steel floor (40 welding points), which greatly enhances the bearing capacity of the edge of the alloy steel floor.

  • Material: Select a steel plate of sufficient thickness as the car shell, vertically stretched by an 800-ton press, and the steel floor is integrally formed at a time, especially the corner forming structure is good, and filled with high-strength foamed cement to make the corner of the floor hard Incomparable, with extra strong load-bearing performance, and effectively transmitted to the support system.

Aluminum Raised Floor System Features & Market

In the access floor industry, the name "Aluminum Raised Floor" is increasingly mentioned by people. According to the survey, HUIYA is an early manufacturer of aluminum alloy flooring in China. In just over ten years, aluminum alloy flooring has been accepted by customers, especially data center computer rooms, packaging, test clean rooms and other purification industries.

Aluminum Access Floor Panels.png

  • Design: Lightweight, high strength, and non-magnetic. The processing performance is good, the size is rich and diverse, and it is a product with superior reusability.

  • Technological: Dissolve the aluminum ingot, press the dissolved aluminum into the mold and cast it, deburr and blast the sand, then process the thickness and side length of the corner, and paste the surface material.

  • Structural: The outer dimension and thickness dimension of the aluminum alloy floor panel are the shape dimensions with higher precision than the finished cutting products. Since the die-casting is a rib structure, it can be made into a high-strength floor tile panel.

  • Material: The main material is ADC12 aluminum alloy ingot suitable for cylinder head cover, sensor bracket, cover, cylinder block, etc.

Calcium Sulfate Raised Floor System Features & Market

Calcium sulfate raised floor products are a new type of environmentally friendly raised floor, free of formaldehyde pollutants and can be recycled repeatedly. The product has the characteristics of high strength, permanent leveling, no deformation underwater immersion, sound insulation, heat preservation, flame retardancy, and so on. According to the user's preference and application, the decorative surface layer can have many decorative options, which are completely in line with economic benefits.

Galvanized Steel Calcium Sulphate Floor Panels

  • Design: The high-density HUIYA calcium sulfate access floor panel is made of refined raw materials and processed by a high-pressure extrusion process. The perfect combination of raw materials and technology ensures the high quality of the product.

  • Technological: Mixing, pressing, hot air drying, curing, four-sided cutting, double-sided fine grinding, side-sided fine grinding, double-sided paste, and four-sided edge sealing of calcium sulfate and auxiliary materials.

  • Structural: During the process of calcium sulfate from half water to dihydrate, microporous channels will be generated around the crystal when it is formed, and the flame will cause the high-temperature forming gas on the floor to escape through the calcium sulfate crystal channel to prevent bursting. Therefore, calcium sulfate flooring has better fire performance. Calcium sulphate floor produces micropores due to crystallization, which can maintain good stability when affected by temperature and humidity. Special design of the material structure and high-precision production process make Huiya calcium sulfate raised floor have high-quality acoustic effect. When walking up, not only does the foot feel comfortable, but also it does not generate noise, thus creating a perfect working atmosphere.

  • Material: Calcium Sulfate has become the most widely used material in the raised floor family. The usage in developed countries and regions is very large, and it has exceeded the usage of other raised floors and become the first raised floor considered by designers.

The above are our top three types of raised floor systems in the global market. Of course, our other products such as Chipboard Raised Floor are also recognized by customers. If you are looking for a reliable access floor supplier for your project, please contact us now!