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Huiya Anti-Static Raised Floor Is Best Flooring Solution For 5G Base Station Modular Container

2020/5/19 22:13:13

With the advent of the 5G era, more and more 5G base stations are being built to achieve full area coverage. And our anti-static raised floor with its outstanding durability, functionality and cost control, fortunately has become an important part of many 5G base station modular server room structure.

Modular Containers Save Time and Cost For Building 5G Base Station

The 5G base station is the core equipment of the 5G network, providing wireless coverage and realizing wireless signal transmission between the wired communication network and the wireless terminal. The architecture and shape of the base station directly affect how the 5G network is deployed. Communication base stations are the most critical infrastructure in mobile communication networks. Mobile communication base stations have organic rooms, wires, tower masts and other structural components. The base stations are mainly equipped with signal transceivers, monitoring devices, fire extinguishing devices, power supply equipment and air conditioning equipment. The mobile server room with anti-static and climate control functions, that is, the modular centralized box, has become the first choice for 5G base station construction.

5G Base Station Building

The design and construction of the communication equipment room is an important project in the communication base station project. In today's communications industry, many operators place their computing equipment in dedicated spaces such as data centers or server rooms. Especially the computer room of the communication base station is a smaller version of the data center where the computing equipment is stored. Each space of the base station needs to be customized to create an ideal open communication base station. Modular communication base stations can be more cost-effective than fixed installations because they can more closely match IT needs and investment budgets at any given time. Modular buildings can also be deployed more quickly in the future, and provide an easy way to expand existing base station and server room facilities.

5G Base Station Modular Container

Modular Container are becoming increasingly popular in building communication base station when it comes to providing a fast-to-build and deliver datacentre facility. The Modular Container, is a modular and mobile high-security room that is built within a stable steel container. This application has been specially developed for outdoor use, but can also be easily installed indoors. The modular container offers excellent fire and heat resistance , protects against vandalism and minor detonations and is also dust and waterproof. Modular container is particularly well suited for server and network systems outdoors, but is also ideal for base station.

5G Base Station Modular Server Room Flooring

Choose Huiya Anti-Static Raised Floor System For Modular Container

The Modular Container replaces the physical building and becomes the home of the equipment of the base station. As a mobile communication base station organic room, it must have the same requirements such as anti-static to ensure the safe and long-term operation of the communication equipment. The static electricity conducting flooring is an important protective measure in the server room. For the fully functional base modular machine room, choosing to lay anti-static floor is undoubtedly an important protection method. And our anti-static floor has become the preferred ground material for the 5g base station modular machine room. Why choose anti-static raised floor for Modular Server Room?

HUIYA Anti-Static Raised Floor

  • The equipment in the modular server room can be freely connected under the anti-static floor, which is convenient for laying and repair, makes the server room neat, and can protect various cables, wires, data cables and sockets from damage. 

  • The anti-static raised floor can discharge static charge to the ground, providing safety measures for computers and network equipment. 

  • It can make static charge leak to the ground and reflect electromagnetic radiation. 

  • The space between the raised floor and the original ground is convenient for the laying, connection and maintenance of the cables of the various systems in the electronic computer room, eliminating the hazards of the exposed cables to the human body of the workers. 

  • The space under the anti-static raised floor can be used as the static pressure air bank of the air-conditioning system, so as to obtain a satisfactory air flow organization in the computer room. 

  • Use the adjustable support of the anti-static raised floor to level and ensure the ground level of the equipment room. 

  • Since the anti-static raised floor is an integrally assembled structure, the weight of the machine is on the entire floor structure, and it has a shockproof effect. 

  • When expanding the equipment in the future, the machine is easy to relocate and move easily, saving costs. 

  • Protect the power supply, signal cable and connector; configure the pipeline quickly and easily; avoid tripping by staff; make the computer room neatly arranged and have a certain decorative effect 

  • Our anti-static raised floor is easy to replace. You can use the suction plate to remove any piece of floor, which is extremely convenient for maintenance and repair of pipelines and equipment under the floor. 

  • Our conductive raised floor is flexible. When a part of it needs to be changed, such as adding a new cabinet, adding a floor air outlet, etc., adjustment is very convenient.

HUIYA provides a variety of anti-static raised floors for thousands of 5G base stations in China and abroad!

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