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Are Ceramic/Porcelain Tiles Suitable For Data Center Flooring System?

2020/6/16 13:07:50

As everyone knows, its resistance, versatility, and easy maintenance properties make ceramic tiles an ideal option to be used in interior design, giving an elegant look to any corner of the private and commercial premises. Ceramic and Porcelain tile is almost the most popular floor material, so is it suitable for data centers with special requirements on the environment? Here we are going to help you find out whether you can use ceramic tiles in the Data Center.

Data Center Ceramic Flooring.png

Application of Ceramic/Porcelain Tiles In Data Center

Data Center in the definition at least two meanings have to play a role: firstly, IT in a central location and secondly, the more or less compact building with the technical infrastructure for connectivity and availability. No matter which part of the architecture, building materials with safety performance, especially floor materials, must be used to ensure the data center runs efficiently and persistently. The data center flooring construction can play a big part in the health and upkeep of your servers. For example, static discharge within the room can cause serious damage to server equipment. Many types of insulating floor coverings, such as standard commercial carpeting, can contribute to a high-risk environment and a safety hazard. While is the Ceramic Tiles suitable for data center flooring? Our answer is Yes! Keep reading to get know why.

The Reasons You Can Use Ceramic tiles In Data Centers

First, let's get to know what are the advantages of using ceramics in data centre:

Ceramic tiles are resistance

Resistance to sudden changes in temperature, friction, or heavy traffic is the factor that affect the durability of ceramic tiles. For this reason, they are a perfect solution for the design of your kitchen. If you want to improve the lighting in this room, you can combine the tones of your walls in white, ecru, or beige and darker floors.

Ceramic tiles are nonflammable

Burning cigarette ash, which would cause permanent damage in other floor coverings, does not harm the tiles.

Ceramic tiles are anti-static

Unlike many other coatings, you are not electrostatically charged when walking on tiles or by friction. This prevents, for example, a small, but unpleasant discharge from touching the tap. Apart from the hygienic advantages, antistatic property is another reason why special electrically conductive tiles are used in operating rooms.

Ceramic tiles are favorable for health

The ceramic tile surface, glazed or unglazed, is very compact. Microbes, mites, and other microorganisms, which are responsible for a multitude of allergies, have virtually no chance of surviving if the tiles are cleaned regularly. Therefore, tiles are also medically recommended.

Ceramic tiles are hygienic and easy to clean

For this reason alone, tiles are not environmentally friendly. In addition, they are allowed to be removed in an environmentally friendly way as rubble. The natural components of the tiles are available in nature in an unlimited way.

Ceramic Tiles For Data Center Raised Floor System

Huiya raised access flooring system finished with ceramic covering, developed with a worldly exclusive technology, the aesthetics and functionality of your building will be enhanced. With excellent technical characteristics as well as high durability over time, Ceramic Raised Floor is frequently suited in any type of building including the data center. A ceramic raised access floor system that counts with firm full reliability for data centers.

No matter for using for Data Center raised floor system (combining the aesthetic with the technical performances of the raised floor) or applying in the office, control room, monitoring room in data center, the ceramic/porcelain tiles offer a wide range of colors, patterns, and sizes, with solutions which can satisfy the contemporary taste for modern spaces but also recreate the warmth of most classic environments similar to natural materials (wood and marble). Ceramic Tiles developed with a worldly exclusive technology is frequently suited in any type of the data center building and has excellent technical characteristics as well as high durability over time.

Ceramic Calcium Sulphate Raised Floor - Huiya Access Floor System.jpg

Ceramic/Porcelain Tiles In Office, Rest Room, Control Room & Other Workplaces

The offices of the data center is different from the ordinary offices, as they are mostly are used as a control room, and have stricter requirements on anti-static, anti-dust, air, anti-skid, etc. The office design plan attempts to provide a variety of work environments to support knowledge workers, including collaborative and private work areas, formal and informal meeting areas, and laboratories and research spaces. In data center projects, regulations governing floor materials lay down extremely high standards and Ceramic/Porcelain Tiles have always been one of the best solutions by which to meet the strict technical rules. Indeed, their high technical and mechanical characteristics, coupled with their aesthetic appeal, allow them to express their full potential precisely in large public areas. There are several benefits to using this versatile product for Offices, Rest Rooms, Control Rooms & Other Workplaces in your data center.