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How To Increase The Durability & Service Life of Vinyl Flooring (PVC Floor)?

2020/6/30 1:14:43

When building or renovating the flooring of houses, apartments, offices, and any other environment, one of the concerns are with the resistance of the materials. In addition to being beautiful, long-lasting has become a determining factor when choosing vinyl PVC floor for your project. To help you with this, we are going to talking about the durability of vinyl flooring, so you can know if this type of flooring is right for you.

Durability of Vinyl Flooring (PVC Floor).jpg

What Is The Durability of Vinyl Flooring?

The vinyl floor is resistant and has average durability of 15 years. However, to ensure the strength of the material, you need to choose the right type of covering according to the intensity of movement in the environment.

  • This resistance is linked to the thickness of the material, so the greater the circulation of people in the environment, the thicker it must be the floor. Currently, there are different floor types depending on the intensity of movement, which can be high, moderate, or low. 

  • You must also choose an ideal floor according to the environment. The Huiya vinyl flooring line, for example, is indicated for commercial spaces with great circulation. The City line can be used in homes and apartments with high traffic or offices with an average flow of people. 

  • You should also take into account that this type of floor is recommended only for indoor areas, as it is not resistant to the weather, such as rain and sun exposure. In addition, there are specific options for bathrooms and kitchens, which have less moisture absorption. 

  • Another point is that, to ensure good durability, vinyl flooring should not be placed in environments with heavy furniture that are constantly dragged or that come into contact with pointed objects. 

  • It is worth mentioning that each line of vinyl flooring has a different warranty depending on the category, and can vary between five and 15 years.

How To Increase The Durability of Vinyl Flooring?

  • In general, the durability of vinyl flooring can vary according to the care you take with the material. To ensure greater resistance and prolong the beauty of the floor, it is necessary to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for cleaning and maintenance. 

  • For residential floors, cleaning should be done only with a broom or vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth. As for cleaning products, it is recommended to use only neutral detergent or specific products for vinyl floors. 

  • In the case of commercial spaces with large circulation of people, in addition to the same recommendations of the residential, in some cases a heavier cleaning may be necessary, such as waxing.