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How To Keep Floor Mats From Sliding On Vinyl Floor?

2020/10/24 22:17:26

In the absence of a fastening system, a floor mat and carpet placed on the vinyl floor may warp, but also trip you. Our tips for making your mats non-slip and securing your floors! To stop a floor mat from slipping on the vinyl floor, several methods exist, from the most DIY to the most radical. Just choose the one that best suits your mat, home, and budget!

How to transform a sliding floor mat into non-slip on vinyl flooring?

Your carpet or floor mat has a tendency to slide on the vinyl floor, disrupting the decor and threatening at any time to trip people who are not aware of the danger. Here are 6 tips to make your carpet non-slip:

1. Install non-slip strips under a slippery mat

This is the commercial anti-slip solution: strips to put under the mat to make it non-slip. The adhesive side is supposed to adhere to the carpet, the pimple side is supposed to adhere to the floor. And in the majority of cases, the solution is effective, since it adapts to most rugs and floors. However, it can happen that it does not stick well under some carpets, or that it is not sufficient on particularly slippery floors.

2. Lay a mat to keep a floor mat from slipping

Another off-the-shelf option is non-slip mat. These synthetic underlays are installed without gluing and are easily cut, but must cover the entire surface of the carpet to be effective: it is the weight of the body that makes the carpet adhere to the underlay and the underlay to the floor. The result can be more or less reliable depending on the type and size of the carpet, the quality of the carpet or the type of floor ... and the only way to be sure is to try! Fortunately, the price of carpet padding remains low.

3. Stop a slippery mat with Velcro strips

Here is a cheap and functional D-System trick to block a slippery carpet. The principle? We equip ourselves with adhesive Velcro strips, we stick one side under the mat and the second on the vinyl floor, ideally at the four corners. Once the two sides are together, the carpet is hung on the ground. But since there is always a downside, sticking half of the Velcro tapes directly on the floor mat, it may be difficult to peel them if necessary, or even leave traces of glue on the floor. On tiled floors, no problem, so you can scratch and clean, but it is better to avoid on parquet.

4. Fix a slippery mat with double-sided tape

The principle is exactly the same as with Velcro strips, but with extra strong double-sided tape. From the ones you use to mount mirrors on the wall, not to stick photos in a notebook. A piece at each corner is usually sufficient to keep the slippery floor mat, but the issue of traces of glue remains problematic on a fragile floor covering.

5. Use the furniture to keep the floor mat

It all depends on the layout of the room, but furniture can also be used to keep a carpet from slipping on the vinyl floor. And the principle is very simple, we place them so that they weigh on the carpet. For example? In the living room, we shift it a few centimeters to wedge it under the feet of the sofa. If we change it, we choose it bigger to be sure it reaches them. And in a room, we put an ottoman, an armchair or a dressing table! The weight of the furniture will eventually mark the rug, but the result is sometimes more aesthetic than a small rug lost in a large room.

6. Stick on a slipping floor mat, but ...

Needless to say, sticking a carpet to the floor is not trivial. While the method is radical for stop a slippery carpet, it is not, or difficult to, reversible! However, it can be used in specific places such as hallways or stairs, or even on already damaged floors which is not intended to be shown anyway. In this case, we advise you to choose a rug neutral enough so that you don't want to change it two weeks later.