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Modular Bathroom & Pods Flooring Idea Solution - GRC (Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete) Raised Floor

2020/11/9 18:56:33

GRC Raised Floor is also known as Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete raised floor. In addition to being widely used in outdoor public places, it also exerts its unique advantages in some private places. In today's article, we will introduce you to the application of cement raised floors in family bathrooms and modular showers.

Raised Floor Used For Bathroom Renovation

If you are transforming a room in the house into a new bathroom, you may need space to accommodate the pipes, then the Under Floor Space created by the raised floor can perfectly arrange the pipes needed for the bathroom and is very convenient for maintenance.

Or you want to place a freestanding bathtub in your bathroom or in a room, without having to get into large works? Build a simple, practical, and decorative raised floor, which will allow us to carry out a surface plumbing installation, leaving it completely hidden.

Raised Floor Used In Modular Bathrooms & Pods

Modular bathrooms have become more and more popular in recent years with faster installation and lower cost than traditional building. Therefore, they are favored in projects with greater demand such as bathroom renovation or hotels. Similarly, since the modular floor is installed directly on the existing floor, you also need to arrange hidden spaces for drainage pipes and wiring. With its main advantages, raised floors have become an ideal combination of modular floors.

Modular Bathroom & Pods Flooring.png

Benefits of Using Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete Raised Floor In Bathroom

What type of raised floor for the bathroom and modular shower room? We recommend a cement raised floor. As you know, GRC raised floor is a product totally suitable for outdoor environments, as it has open joints that facilitate the drainage of rainwater and washing. Among other characteristics of the raised floor made of concrete, it can be highlighted that the model is very versatile in exterior places, being applied to roofs, balconies, leisure areas, etc. So what advantages make GRC Raised Floor an ideal flooring solution for bathrooms?

GRC Raised Floor Systems.png

  • Underfloor Space: The main advantage of raised floors is to create enough space for pipes and lines

  • Durable and Cost-effective: Concrete raised floor panel is quite resistant, have a longer service life than other products, and does not need to be changed frequently.

  • High load-bearing capacity: Take glassfibre reinforced concrete as the main raw material and mix with strengthened fiber, forming a continuous structure with a very high load-bearing capacity.

  • Diverse Surface Options: Any sort of covering (laminate flooring, PVC, carpet, etc) can very easily be applied on the GRC surface.

  • Easy Installation: Installation can be finished in a short time and even requires no skilled labor.

  • Easy Maintenance: Very flexible, modular design makes any maintenance easy and fast, whether it is to repair the floor or the pipeline under the floor

  • Heat and sound insulation: The void spaces can provide a degree of heat and sound insulation and, if properly ventilated, can also deter humidity and mildew.

  • Environmentally Friendly: It has no volatile toxic chemicals and radiation and can be decomposed completely

If you are looking for flooring for your bathroom project, then please contact us, ACCESSFLOORSTORE.COM will help you get the best solution.